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Behind  B E A U T I S T A A


“Of all the things I can be, the best thing is… Truly Me!”


B E A U T I S T A A, a platform that encourages self-confidence and embraces natural beauty by sharing Fashion Styles and Beauty Hacks.

Ankita Anand (AA), the woman behind B E A U T I S T A A, started this blog to inspire and motivate young women to taste life’s utmost by leaving their comfort zone, exploring the world and by being the best version of yourself!

She communicates her ever-remaining passion for F A S H I O N by creating styles from classy to edgy for “the everyday woman.” AA believes in B E A U T Y  from within: using vegan products, eating healthy food and maintaining an active lifestyle. However, she loves adding that extra color to her look with beauty products.

Eventually, it all comes down to self-love!


Looooove, Ankita! 🙂