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About me

” If you feel good, you do good and you look good” At Beautistaa, we believe in: Smile | Shine | Style

Confidence is the keyword for this platform. The reason I started Beautistaa, back in 2016, was to share the story that made me realize how important confidence is. Confidence took me, as a young 23-year old, from my comfort zone – Amsterdam – to the other side of the world – New York City!

I never thought I would be able to put myself out there by starting a blog. However, NYC thought me so much about myself, my abilities, my strengths and the power of positivity.

Here I am with, my platform where I write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle: all things that are associated with confidence and self-growth! I want to inspire  and motivate young women to live and taste life’s utmost 🙂

It seems scary but, from my own experience, it’s worth it!

Confidence can be found in various forms: from the way one walks and talks to everything in-between and beyond. Therefore, at Beautistaa, we believe in feeling good: smile; doing good: shine; and looking good: style. 


Now, in 2018, I am confident with my crazy, little insecurities (which is totally fine as there should always be room for improvement!). I am happily married, traveled the world like I never dreamed about (thanks to my hubby dearest!) and I am back in my home-town of Amsterdam. I feel blessed and super-grateful for everything that happened, is happening and will happen in my life!

‘Cause everything that happens, happens for a reason: it’s our attitude that defines how we perceive an event.









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