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Misperceptions about Bloggers, my Husband’s Shirt and More!


The world of bloggers: a fairly new world, an exciting one with lots of creative minds involved! However, it’s also a world that confuses many, which turns into criticism.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is blogging, vlogging and more. But, there are many misperceptions on this subject that influences thousands and millions of people out there!

Blogger, often also called, influencers have a huge audience that they serve. Therefore, criticism is something influencers get distract with all the time.

Sharing with you 3 of my most heard:

The Rich Chick!

There is this crazy perception that blogging is only meant for the wealthy/ spoiled ladies out there, which is one of the biggest misperceptions. It definitely is not a fact. Of course, many of us love to carry and wear expensive clothes, but that doesn’t define a blogger.

 How to shop expensive clothes & look luxurious: Introducing the Luxury Look!

This also goes together with people thinking that it’s a world of so-called ”show-offs.” See, it’s simple. A person can share whatever they want. It’s their space and if you don’t like it, simply don’t visit.

Apart from that, whatever a blogger shares online is based on their preference, their lifestyle, and what and who they want to reach to.

For example, I share luxury items; however, I also share items from Mango and River Island, which are completely different from each other in every way. It depends on the blog-post, the subject of the post and one’s personal taste.

I personally don’t share all my stuff. If I buy 4 luxury items, I share 2 on my blog and even then only if it’s appropriate and matches the content.

Blogging involves a lot of creativity. For example, for the pictures in this blog-post I wore my husband’s shirt 🙂 Thinking outside the box, and creating content with what you already own is called creativity!

It’s not about buying things for your blog-posts, rather it’s about creating them.

A Piece of Cake!

Bloggers are planners, they think ahead. They have to. Upstarts have smaller budgets and, therefore, it’s important for them to spend wisely. This involves a lot of planning. Same goes for more established bloggers, they have much more work and collaborations, which require them to plan and also work ahead.

The world of bloggers is hectic, super creative and unpredictable. Planning, preparation, commitment and hard work isn’t always visible from the outside, but it does ensure that there is consistency, success and creative content for you, as readers, to enjoy.

Nothing is achieved overnight. No big blogger we know today got his/her success by just some random content. It takes dedication, willpower and commitment. Everyone can start a blog. Indeed, that’s the easiest step of all. But then, what next? How to approach your audience? Who is your audience? Why should they read your blog? What value are you adding? These and many more questions have to be answered.

Don’t underestimate the many steps bloggers have to take to reach ”success” or even simply to put a quality blog-post online.

Your Occupation Please?

Although this confusion is becoming less common, it does still persist. Person: ”What do you do for a living?” Me: “I blog.” Person: ”Ohhh, mmm like what exactly do you do?” Me: ”Lol, there we go again.”

It gets frustrating at times, but then I don’t blame anyone for it. It’s a relatively new concept, and not everyone gets it.

Blogging is a real occupation and some people even earn unthinkable amounts with collaborations, features, brand ambassadorships and much more. You are the face that people like, people follow you, do what you do, buy what you buy… you name it.

Brands approach you to link their brand, so they can benefit from the audience you build, for which you get paid.

However, it’s not achieved over-night, as said before.

I hope things are more clear now. If you have questions, please feel free to comment below or send me an email 🙂

Let me know what you think about these misperception, or if you have experienced any others!



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