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Wear Confidence 2.0


There are thousands if not millions of quotes and sayings about confidence. Whenever we read them, we are reminded of the power of confidence and receive an instant boost!

I wrote a post – Fashion meets Confidence – a while ago and got a really good response from many of you. Therefore, here I am taking it a step further 🙂

Take a moment to jot down on a piece of paper what confidence means to you in general, but also when looking at fashion…

With this blog-post I want to add value by sharing my thoughts on what confidence does to us when considered within the field of fashion: the negative and positive effects, but also how to ”wear” confidence.

First of all, confidence is an attitude from within. Some are lucky enough to be born with it, others have to work for it.

Therefore, you have the power, not the clothes. You decide how you want to feel, and then clothes are just a way to express it. Also read: Life-Changing Second Skin!

Apart from that, there is a very thin line between positive confidence and negative confidence, also known as arrogance.

Positive confidence has everything to do with how you carry yourself: the grace, the walk; however, without any high-headed vibes.

You are kind, yet graceful. You are stylish, yet grounded.

It’s very hard to achieve and, then, to maintain the positive attitude. After all, there are no guidelines on attaining one; rather, it comes from within. Some have it naturally. For example, we all know a person who is always well-dressed. However, she is simply being herself: no attitude, no arrogance, just super-kind and always laughing and talking to everyone.

A characteristic this person definitely has it that she is can cope with everyone. But also: this person isn’t busy with herself or her outfit, she is simply enjoying herself and everything else follows.

Then we have the other extreme, where arrogance is ruling. Very few people are consciously arrogant, yet those around her clearly don’t feel a positive vibe and would rather not talk her or, at the least, limit their talk.

To the unknowing person, she would come across as high-headed and arrogant. Again, it’s not her clothes, but it’s the way she behaves, talks and walks. Deep inside, she is probably somewhat insecure without really knowing it, as she is too busy with herself, her outfit and everything that has to do with her.

Therefore, a very common characteristic is that she mostly talks about herself without really knowing that she is doing it so much.

There is not a good or a bad here. It’s all about the vibe you create as a person and that is what is powerful! 🙂

How to ”wear” confidence?

Our smile – our face is the first thing that should express confidence. It has much more power than we often realize. You can never go wrong with a smile, as it makes you feel better and people around you as well.

Admire your qualities – find your qualities and admire them. Moreover, if someone gives you a compliment, simply accept it rather than (over) analyzing it. It will make you insecure.

Posture – attitude is recognized easily from your posture. Posture is super important when it comes to confidence, as it’s the way you carry yourself, walk and talk.

Be yourself – love yourself, be yourself and improve yourself where needed. You can’t imitate anyone for long: at the end of it you will have to be yourself. So, why not love yourself and always look for improvement?

Do what you love – satisfaction is key when talking about confidence. As confidence comes from within you, it’s important how you feel. Therefore, satisfaction brings happiness, which in turn makes you feel confident.

As I said, fashion is just a complement to how you feel. It’s a way to express, it’s not who you are. But then, everyone has their favorite fashion-item that looks out-of-the-world on them and makes them more confident.

What is your favorite fashion-item? I would love to know! Please comment below 🙂 

Personally, I love wearing clothes that emphasize my length, such as dusters! I absolutely love wearing dusters, as they make me look tall and give my outfit a fashionable twist without making it too much.

Nowadays, they come in various shades, materials and styles, making them all the more fun for everyone! Have you tried one yet?

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Shop the Duster! Now 50% OFF!!

I would love to learn what you think about this post!








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