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Introducing the Luxury Look!

_BP10652 _BP10819

Want to shop the look?
Pleated Skirt
LouLou 95 Chelsea Suede Ankle Boot
Leather Belt With Double G
Medium Antigona Bag

Season after season new trends fill up the stores making us super excited to buy everything. Who doesn’t want to own a that stunning high-end bag? Simply everyone, if money wasn’t a consideration 🙂

Unfortunately, of course, reality catches up pretty quickly. Many of us decide not to spend hundreds or thousands on a single item: priorities need to be set, after all.

In today’s post, I want to give you some of my tips to achieve the Luxury Look without breaking the bank!

1. Define your style

It’s important to understand that stores present their products in such a way that almost everything looks amazing and you will blindly buy it. That’s what visual merchandisers study for, and they are very good at it.

However, you have to be smarter! Define your style: what do you enjoy wearing and what looks good on YOU? Each season tremendous new trends are launched, but it doesn’t mean that each trend fits your taste, style and body.

Be picky, as it won’t only save you money, but also time!


2. Versatile pieces

I personally invest in basic items. Having good basics will help you style various outfits, which you can mix and match with the more trendy stuff. Jeans, blazers, cami tops and dusters are my ultimate favorites, due to their ease of blending into different looks!

For example, a cami top can we worn with a blazer and jeans during colder days, but also with shorts or skirts when spring and summer is around. Then, because it’s a basic item you can either dress it up or down by adding accessories.

Versatile pieces are fun, as they give you plenty of options and you make the utmost of each purchase, making it worth every penny spent 🙂

3. Quality over Quantity!

Maje, Karen Millen, Burberry and many more mid-to-high-end brands are amazing and I love to wear their clothes. Now, you can say that it’s too much to spend on one dress or top, but I do it in a smart way.

I don’t buy bulk, rather I buy 1 or 2 a month and wear those pieces until I feel almost sick wearing them, haha! I exaggerated a little, of course, but I do choose quality above quantity, which again adds value to my wardrobe.

4. Look beyond clothes

The last tip which will help you build your luxury collection, is to buy accessories such as high-end bags, shoes, jewelry and more, instead of clothes. Wearing, for example, a jumpsuit or dress by a “normal” brand, such as Zara, yet finishing it off with a luxury brand bag will instantly make you look more luxurious.

This is exactly what I have done for this fashion-shoot! I went for expensive, luxury fashion accessories, such as bag, shoes and belt!

I rather buy 1 luxury fashion footwear than 3 or more ”regular” ones. The very simple reason is that this one luxury footwear will stand-out and make my entire look a ”Luxury Look.”

Moreover, it’s something similar like tip 3 above: quality over quantity. Buy less, but make the most use of it. Same goes for bags. I buy one high-end bag and use it with many outfits. Like this, you again feel that every penny spent on an expensive bag, shoes or whatever was worth it, because you are really using it! 🙂

_BP10859 _BP10759 _BP10853 _BP10687 _BP10757 _BP10792

Shop the look!
Pleated Skirt
LouLou 95 Chelsea Suede Ankle Boot
Leather Belt With Double G
Medium Antigona Bag

All in all, know what you want, what suits you the best and what you enjoy wearing! Find your inspiration and add your own twist to it 🙂 Fashion = Fun! 

Try the above tips and let me know if it works for you!

Looooooove, Ankita





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