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Havana, C U B A from Close by!

Hey there beautiful ladies! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that my grid is a colorful one. This is thanks to my recent visit to Havana, Cuba 🙂

As there were many questions and lovely comments coming in from my amazing followers, I decided to write a full post on Havana, including my first impressions, how I decided what to wear and lots more!

If you have already been to Havana, don’t forget to share your own first impressions 🙂 I would love to read them.


Expectation vs Reality! 

I was expecting A LOT from Cuba, as there is so much buzz regarding this place. ”No influence from the rest of the world,” that is something I was the most excited about to witness. Can you imagine a country still living in the 60s? The cars, the houses, the entire lifestyle… unbelievable!

Reality? Definitely to a large extent it was as if we had entered a completely different world. The gorgeous ”old school” cars looked stunning on the bouncy roads, the colorful houses have their own charm, and the people are remarkably sweet.

Cuba12 Cuba11

I already loved the street music that was been played all around me. Add a relaxed vibe to this, and you will understand how this came in at an altogether different level. No billboards, huge stores or any of that commercial stuff. Instead, little boutiques in people’s houses, tiny carts selling freshly cooked food and an overall ”lay back and relax” atmosphere.


Cuba5 Cuba

Toilet paper? Available! Coca-Cola? Available! Hotel chains? available! Western cars? Available! Tourist awareness? Definitely! English? Oh yes!

Influences from outside are already visible in Cuba, which was a little saddening and also surprising. It was quite funny: we don’t realize being so used to so many things, until we visited Havana.

The kind of luxury, the way places looke and also our own attitude and the way we are used to living – this put things in perspective.

Must Do To Feel Cuba’s Utmost!

Cuba9 Cuba12
Don’t forget to try the Cuban Coffee, it’s served with alcohol and I got to know it’s good!

Riding in one of Havana vintage classic cars is an unmissable and super fun experience. These stunning and colorful cars are only allowed as taxis and as a tour car for tourists.

We took one of the tours to get a good snapshot of the city. The driver drove us around, which is amazing if you want to get a good impression of the place and you want to cover more than just the ”heart” of Havana.

However, as always, you get a deeper feel for the place and experiencing the old centre of Havana by walking through the streets. You will literally see how Cuban people live, as many houses don’t have a door and you can look right into their houses.

I remember walking in one of the streets, and seeing this picture perfect Cuban setting:

An old lady in simple, untidy clothing, holding a big cuban cigar, standing in front of the house. Next to her, a mother playing with her child on the street, having the time of their lives. Inside the house, two kids were playing with each other and another younger lady was sitting on a chair, breast-feeding her baby!

I N C R E D I B L E – I N C R E D I B L E – I N C R E D I B L E !

I was soaking up the city and its people as I was strolling. It was only in the moment after passing this house that I though, “wow! What did just see?!” It was pure, beautiful and so carefree.

This highlights: walking is the best way to experience the most!

My Outfit!

Cuba1 Cuba3 Cuba8

I decided to wear white! Why? Because Havana is super colorful. The doors, the walls, everything. I didn’t want my outfit to destroy the beauty of Cuba, therefore I chose to wear white. Of course, I had my sunnies with me and a greenish-blue set of earrings to still add some color to my look. Apart from that, I kept it simple 🙂

I did start my day in my Charles & Keith heels; however, as a lot of walking was involved, I changed into my Valentino flats.

Hype Justified?


Oh definitely a YES! Even though there are signs of western influences creeping in, it is a place worth going to. I would really want to go back and see more of Cuba’s nature, as that tends to be very pretty!

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