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This Valentine’s Day it’s all about YOU! #SelfLove

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So… The most awaited day for (almost) all lovers is right around the corner: Valentine’s Day or, as many nowadays call it, V-Day 🙂 There are plenty of posts providing ideas for gifts, activities and much more to make V-Day special for your Valentine.

On V-Day, we tend to focus on the other person – your partner, crush, lover or whatever he/she is to you. I do, too.

I remember organizing a game which included clues to get my now husband to the restaurant where I had set up the entire table with rose petals and hearts – lol! The year after, he got me a huge red roses bouquet and we went for a romantic dinner. I agree it’s pretty amazing how the 14th of February brings love in the air, butterflies in your tummy and transforms any setting into a romantic one.

However, this year, I thought of doing things differently by dedicating V-Day to Self Love!

“Self Love,” I hear you think… There are five signs that can tell you whether or not you are actually loving yourself.

Source: C. Arylo in Path of Self Love School
  • Do you settle for less, for whichever reason, than your heart desires?

This is a very common one. At times, unwittingly we settle for less by thinking that we will make our near and dear ones happy. Stop right here! Always believe that people who really love you and care for you will support you with your desires, rather than convincing you otherwise.

Even so, for example, your parents might suggest you do to otherwise, based on their deeper life experience. Loving yourself does not mean closing yourself off from other ideas. It’s always good to give others an ear, although without necessarily sacrificing your own opinion or conviction in the process.

  • Are you surrounded by a relationship(s) that doesn’t support or fully honour you?

While it is never easy to say goodbye, sometimes it is for the better. Maintaining a lose-lose relationship is usually an unworthy endeavor, simply because life is too short for it. That’s why it’s important to invest in relationships that are loving and respectful.

Above all, it’s equally important to surround yourself with people from whom you can learn and who inspire you, and the other way around it’s important that your friends/colleagues/family love being with the real you.

Create a win-win relationship!

  • Are you hard on yourself?

Some might say that’s a good thing. Personally, I feel that there comes a moment in life where everyone seeks for appreciation and satisfaction. Not from the world, but from within oneself. From time to time, then, it’s essential to look in the mirror and give yourself a warm smile, to express compassion 🙂

Be kind and gentle to yourself.

  • What about the outside?

Very important, too! You can’t achieve self love if you don’t love yourself from the inside AND out! You have to understand your body, love your body and treat it like the most supreme thing in the world.

Love your curves, wrinkles, hair – everything! This doesn’t mean that you ”accept” yourself as you are; rather, if you are over- or underweight, for example, you need to work on your health, because only then can you claim that you really love your body. Continuous improvement now, later and everyday.

  • Always busy with making others happy?

Stop it. Yes, please. You cannot make everyone happy – after all, you aren’t a jar of Nutella 🙂 And it’s true. You have to take care of yourself first, without any feeling guilty about it. It’s good to make others happy, it gives a satisfied feeling – I know. However, it shouldn’t make you sad and shouldn’t be at your cost. Help yourself first, as when you are in a strong position, you can be much more effective making a difference for others.

Outfit details:

Dungaree: Superdry
White T-shirt with dog: Kate Spade
Boots: Minelli
Scarf: H&M x Kenzo

Wishing you a romantic and enjoyable Valentine’s Day! However you decide to celebrate, just remember to have FUN 🙂


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