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Life-Changing Second Skin!

_BP10452Hope you all had a great start of twenty eighteen and you enjoyed playing the The Gratitude Game! I do this exercise just before sleeping and really feel a great change in my mood. Falling asleep with a feeling of satisfaction and happiness is just awesome!

Speaking of mood change, I remembered watching a video on YouTube by Mimi Ikonn in which she talks about how clothes can play a life-changing role. This might sound silly but, of course, I tried it out 🙂 Today, I want to share my experience with you.

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Clothes can be a more powerful instrument than we might think. There is the very visible impact of how we look or are perceived. However, oftentimes, clothes also have a tremendous effect on HOW WE FEEL. As such, clothes – the second “skin” – should not be neglected.


Outfit details at the end of the post!

”It’s not about what you wear,
it’s about what you become wearing it.”

See, it’s quite simple. If you wear PJs all day long, you feel lazy and you want to binge-watch Netflix. Same goes with a party outfit: you are totally in a party mood and you want to dance the night away. This is what I mean by clothing affecting your mood.

Therefore, it’s important to feel good in what you wear, but also to wear what you want to feel like. If you want to have a super-productive day, don’t sit in you PJs all day long; rather, dress like it. Wear nice trousers, a top and finish it off with a blazer. Do you hair and your make-up, even though you plan to be at home. Believe me, you won’t be spending much time sitting on the couch. Instead, you will get a lot of things done.

A while ago I just couldn’t hit the gym. It was just not working. I felt lazy, and seemed to come up with never-ending reasons not to go. Then, one day, I was shopping and saw an amazing fitness fashion piece. I thought, “shall I buy it? But then, I don’t even go to the gym, it’s a waste!” Eventually, I bought the outfit and that very same day I went to the gym. From then on it became a steady routine of 3x a week in the gym.

Why? I wore the clothes that gave me the feel of going to the gym, and I just went!

_BP10443 _BP10403 _BP10376

”Chase your dreams in high heels,
of course!”

My father always taught me to look my best everyday. It didn’t matter if I was just going to do some groceries. It’s was a way of living, a lifestyle. You never know who you come across when outside. Besides, it’s good for your own self-esteem. The way you look, will affect your identity.

Being well-groomed at all times will, again, affect how you feel. If you always look good, you will always feel good, so why compromise?

This does not mean simply wearing clean clothes; rather, wear clothes which suit your style and body, and which are appropriate for that day. If you are going on a lunch with your parents, you will wear different clothes than if you go out with friends, right?

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It’s about the complete picture: it’s not just clothes, it’s also your hair and make-up. If your clothes are perfect for the day, but your hair needs a wash, it won’t work. From tip to toe groomed – that’s what will have the most positive effect 🙂

For instant, a good friend of yours is in town and she calls you, asking if you would like to meet her for coffee. Now, you can meet her since you are in the neighbourhood, but then you think, “shoot, I don’t look good.”

Even so, you might think, “whatever I will still meet up.” However, somewhere inside you are not fully happy. Another scenario could be that you decline and, sadly, go home. If you were dressed well, nothing over-the-top but simply presentable, you would never give it a second thought to meet that friend!

_BP10460 _BP10448 _BP10363

”You will never get a second chance
to make a first impression.”

I have always been a believer in first impressions. Your first impression lasts the longest, and therefore it should be a good one! Moreover, the way you look will either make one feel interested in you or not.

But then, the way you look is also associated with the way you feel, the self-confidence that you radiate. This takes us back to the first point: wear what makes you feel ”that” – for example, confident!

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Now, clothing alone can’t make you feel confident – it’s the attitude, too. Yet the attitude is mainly achieved by your looks. We hear a lot around us that appearance – your look, your outfit – does not define you. While there is certainly an element of truth in this, I do not entirely agree.

Appearance has a great impact, especially when talking about first impressions. Let me explain…

When talking about love, we say “looks don’t matter,” right? So then you will fall in love with a beggar, no? I am not saying you can’t fall in love with him or her but you won’t be attracted by a beggar at first, perhaps only if you get to know him or her in a different way.

This implies human beings are attracted to people who look good in their own, subjective opinion. Once you like the looks, you give someone ”an opportunity” to talk to you. And, from there, the ball starts rolling 🙂

I could go on and on and on about this subject, but the message I want to convey is simple:

”Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself.” – Nina Garcia

_BP10422 _BP10389 _BP10357

Outfit details:

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Ankita 🙂


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