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The Gratitude Game!

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fun – it’s time to play! About a week ago I started this game, and it really makes me feel so much more happy. Besides, it gives me a moment in which I can reflect on my day, focus on improvements and be G R A T E F U L!

Grateful, that’s the key word for this game. I feel we often take the little (yet important) things in life for granted. If we would only spend like 5 minutes everyday to recognize all that we can be grateful for that day, it will boost happiness, satisfaction and positivity. ALL AT ONCE!

Rules? Be honest to yourself and think out aloud! These two rules will make sure that you get the most out of this ”game”.

Be Honest To Yourself – We often present ourselves as our own best version, the one that we think everyone wants to see. Inside, of course, each of us knows what we are truly experiencing and thinking. Only by being honest with ourselves and, genuinely, being grateful for our experiences, will we be able to proactively develop ourselves rather than just reacting to life’s everyday stimuli. Critically, it is at that stage when we will be able to truly draw on all the positive energy from our everyday experiences while rejecting the negativity.

Think Out Aloud – If you hear what you say, you will phrase and understand it better. When you think out aloud, you will hear what you are saying, without your mind being distracted with random thoughts. I, for example, walk around in the house, calling out loud all the things I was grateful for that day. Find your way that suits you best.

”What was I grateful for today?”

I feel that this question sums up all the happy, loving and beautiful events, leaving your mind full of positivity!

It can literally be anything and everything, such as someone giving you a glass of water when you were super thirsty or, maybe, you had an umbrella with you when it suddenly started raining. Perhaps someone made you smile by complimenting you or your outfit or your hair.

Recognizing the little things that made you feel good, gave you a moment of satisfaction or made you realize how blessed you are, will make a tremendous difference in your life.

What I experienced is that you will start noticing little things that bring happiness and joy! Life becomes so much brighter and better.

Let’s play!

If I asked you on the spot, ”what are you grateful for today?”, what would be the 3 things that you would say? Comment below 🙂

And don’t forget to play the game daily!













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