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Hello 25!

Have I reached my goals for this year? What was my journey like? How did I feel for most of the year? What important events took place? Which memories were the best? What have I learned? What should I have done better? Do I have any regrets?

Having my birthday in December means I can work on my reflections and resolution of my birth-year and calendar-year in one go! 🙂


2017 started in Singapore, took me to almost all of Asia (Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand) and to Australia! 🙂 We celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and it made us realize that the first year just flew by.

April 2017 brought us back to our home country of the Netherlands. After spending over a year traveling and living in various cities in different parts of the world, we came back to the place we want to call home for the coming years (if not forever!).

August 2017 gave me my job at Estée Lauder, introducing an exciting phase as I was looking forward to a more settled life.

All in all, 2017 was a good year, a year that started off with numerous adventures and took us to beautiful places where we made memories to cherish forever, while we were also able to position ourselves for the next several years.

Now, as the year is about to end, I am thinking about my resolutions for 2018! I have many amazing and challenging things to look forward to, which I will update you about in the upcoming posts).


The reason I make a Top 5 list of my resolutions is because I feel it gives me a moment to think about the coming year. I can think about the things I want to achieve, and what I want to do to make it a successful and great year. Most importantly, it makes me focus on the positive 🙂

The 5 resolutions I want to work towards and (hopefully) will achieve in the new year are…

  • 1. Healthier, more active lifestyle.
    This might sound boring and an altogether “plain vanilla” resolution. However, I realize I have been quite lazy when it came to my fitness-routine. I really want to get that going, mainly to improve my stamina. Moreover, I want to develop a healthier lifestyle, meaning eating healthier, which in turn will also give me more energy to maintain an active lifestyle.


  • 2. Positivity.
    Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 16.05.38.png

This picture with its text sums it all up. I want to focus on the good, bright and positive side of each and every situation in life. It also means that I will feel good about myself, and attract people with the same mindset. With that, soon I hope to be surrounded by positivity. This also means that I have more time for the more important things rather than keeping myself busy unnecessarily reacting to events.

  • 3. Learn to play the piano.
    I started this activity in Singapore in early 2017; however, I have to continue taking classes here in the Netherlands. I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument, and I feel playing the piano is more me 🙂


  • 4. The little things.
    There are so many little things in life – things that we have or do in a daily routine – yet that we take for granted. This includes coming home to your loved ones; being stuck in traffic but actually liking it cause it’s raining outside; listening to your favorite music; a glass of water when you are super-thirsty, and so on… I want to enjoy those little things in life. Things that make us feel more alive, happier and that actually change our mood in a good way. I feel that once we start noticing and enjoying these little things in life, we start living much more, we enjoy life much more, and life means much more to us.


  • 5. Grateful.
    Point 4, above, and this one may seem a little similar; however, there is a difference! With ”grateful” I mean being happy that something happens or happened. I am grateful for a lovely family, I am grateful for being healthy, or maybe, I am grateful for being able to buy a nice dress. Being grateful is to take a moment and appreciate that something is there, that something is happening or has happened. In 2018, I want to take a few moments everyday to simply say ”Thank You”.

In my next post we will talk about a fun game, which will guide you to do this exercise for yourself. It will make you feel so much better and happier in life! 🙂

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What are your top 3 resolutions for the coming year? Share them below!

Looooooove, Ankita



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