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Indulge in Jo Malone London’s Luxury!

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Jo Malone London is known by its luxury candles, perfumes, bath products and room scents all portraying its British Heritage at its best! A few days back I got to experience Jo Malone London’s products with their amazing Hands & Arms Massage service 🙂  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I shared the full experience on my Insta-Story!

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I find that the massage is a lovely introduction to the brand, as you are involved through out the whole service; smelling and feeling the products used.

There are six types of scents: Citrus, Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Light Floral and Woody. Now, I of course understand that those six don’t really mean anything (expect for maybe Floral) if you just read it like this.

However, during the first step you will learn more about the six different types of scents, and then everything will make more sense! So let’s start, don’t want to confuse you more – Haha!

It all starts by smelling scents individually and then combining (two or more) scents to find your personal favorite, or they call it your “Signature Scent” As mentioned before, there are various products besides perfumes, such as body creams, dry-oils and bath oils.

Therefore, you can, for example, use a body cream with the scent Lime Basil & Mandarin in combination with Peony & Blush Suede Cologne  – like this, you have combined two scents by using two different products (a body cream and a perfume) instead of two perfumes. Smart right? 🙂

My favorite combination is, Velvet Rose & Oud together with the Myrrh & Tonka – these are both from the Intense Cologne, which simply means that the scents are deeply sensual and made out of precious ingredients. Whereas, the Colognes are exquisitely simple and refined fragrances with a touch of the unexpected.

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The hands and Arms massage begins with finding your fragrance combination. Once your favorite fragrances are gathered it’s time to relax!

Starting with the hand and body wash (scent 1), which is first foamed by the help of little foaming tool, then massaged onto both arms.

Followed by, a hot towel to wipe off it all off and then continuing with (scent 2) the body cream or hand lotion. This is the most relaxing part and the moment when you Signature Fragrance is created! 🙂

You can stop here, but I suggest you take it a level up, by finish off with a quick sprits of (scent 3) the cologne. This is sprayed onto your hands and arms to combine your 3rd favorite scent with the other two. 🙂

Voilaaa the Hands and Arms Massage is completed!

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Looking for a Christmas gift for either him or her? Or maybe, for you friend’s birthday or house warming! Jo Malone London is all about gift giving so this is a great way to surprise your near and dear ones with something luxurious! 🙂

Find your nearest Jo Malone London Boutique and enjoy all that they have to offer!

Have you tried their products and services?

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