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Do you have the 8 things every fashionable woman should have?! :)

Hi fashionista’s,

Great to have you here on my platform where I want to share some of the must haves as a fashionable women! 🙂

1. The classic shoe.

If you are fashionable you definitely are proud of your footwear collection. But what, if someone asks you: pick one favorite shoe. I am totally lost, ’cause I can’t choose.


Dress: Massimo Dutti

Footwear is my mooooooost favorite piece of fashion. I feel that shoes are game-changing and therefore, extremely important. A fashion piece that either lifts or drops your entire look.

All in all, I don’t really have a classic shoe as my favorite shoe changes according to my mood. However, I think if I really have to pick one, it would be my Ferragamo Salvatore black heel, which I shared in my Parisian Styling Rules

2. Business Chic.

The first suit I ever bought was for my Young Enterprise Entrepreneurial presentation during my bachelor. It was a suit from the brand Esprit Collection, where I used to work as a part-time sales representative.

Personally I don’t enjoy wearing complete suits. I rather mix and match on my own to make an outfit appropriate for work.

_BP10052 _BP10058 _BP10066

In the picture above you see my Ferragamo Salvatore black heel I was talking about before.
Furla Bag & Furla Bubble
Blazer: Zara; Trousers: Mango; Top: Vince Camuto

3. Flower Power.

Flowers add that special twist to your event that make it personal. Your friends and family will know that this is really you. Moveover, if they really know you they will get you the ”right” flowers on any occasion.


4. Timeless Piece.

A piece worth saving for, a piece that tells you ”your” time! I enjoy investing in a timeless watch rather than trendy stuff. A good watch is ever-green, a beautiful jewel you can pass on generations and you can wear it day in and out.


Watch: Chopard – Dancing Diamonds

5. Lip Color.

I like my lips plumply, hydrated and ultra soft! Therefore, I am a lip-balm kinda girl! If you had to still choose a lipstick, I would go for Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk or the perfect red lips on occasions 🙂


Lip-Balm: L’Occitane

 6. Signature Scent.

This is something I have started recently! I have finally found a brand that really makes me enjoy fragrances: Jo Malone London. In the intense line my favorites are: Velvet Rose & Oud and Myrrh and Tonka 🙂


Scent: Myrrh & Tonka Cologne by Jo Malone London

If you haven’t yet found your signature scent, try Jo Malone London, you will loooove it!

7. Story Telling Jewels.

Buying or getting jewels on special occasions makes them all the more worth. One of the most precious jewels is not necessarily the most expensive one I own, however it’s such an important piece for me due to the it’s story.

I am talking about my Cartier Solitaire Ring, which I got from my husband when he got on his knees!

8. Art.

Personally, I am not into paintings and/or sculptures, however I do believe that art is more than that.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 18.09.57

I see art in quotes, in the way people think. Quotes make us think, make us realize and, most importantly, make us discuss with one another about important things in life. We share knowledge, and that’s what I call art 🙂


That’s my 8!
Share how many of the 8 things mentioned above are part of your life?

Thanks again, and see you soon in the next post!

Loooooooove, Ankita


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