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The Denim Dungaree!

NEW: Video at the end! Enjoy 🙂

Often we see little humans (children!) wear cute, little dungarees and we are like ”aawh, that’s sooo sweet” or ”that child looks so adorable and smart in those dungarees!” Moreover, we all remember wearing dungarees ourselves when we were (much) younger.

First, I thought it’s going to be tough to find one; however, I was wrong. Shops such as G-Star, Super-Dry, H&M and some more denim stores had it in their collections.

And so it is I decided to do a dungaree post 🙂

Last week, after a very long time, I decided to wear dungarees again. So long, in fact, that I had forgotten their comfort! For some time I thought about how I could best style this piece. Also, I wanted to provide a few different styles for the various preferences out there. Some like it stylish, whereas other prefer to keep it as comfortable as possible.

Therefore, I chose three ways to style a dungaree:

  • Playful – ideal for a day out at a theme park, picknick and similar;
  • Chic – great for lunch dates, evening outings or any place where you want to appear a little more dressed;
  • Homely – perfect for the casual day at home, and wherever you desire the highest comfort level.


– Playful –





This first look will take you back to your childhood 🙂 The striped, cropped top makes the appearance playful whereas the loafers add a mature twist.

I chose to wear a faux fur body warmer for two reasons:

  1. It covers the sides, which will make sure I am not cold;
  2. It takes away the basic appearance.

This outfit is perfect for various day-time outings and activities. Moreover, you can also wear a regular striped top instead of a cropped one and you can wear sneakers instead of loafers, too.

Outfit details:
Faux Fur Body Warmer: (SOLD OUT – winter 2016 collection) Guess Collection
Stripped Crop Top: Missguided
Dungaree: Super Dry
Loafers (New Collection): Micheal Kors

– Chic –

_BP10089.jpg _BP10092.jpg _BP10102.jpg _BP10108.jpg _BP10120

While dungarees will remain comfortable, styling them the correct way can make them appear chic, too. This second look is meant for women looking for edgy styles, which are easy and effortless yet make for a classic appearance!

As you can see in the photos above, I simply pulled on a black high-neck sweater, which will make me look slimmer. To complement this, the heels give my entire appearance more length. All in all, these regular fashion pieces, styled correctly, instantly turn the outfit into a more fashionable-looking one.

It’s that simple! Just find the right balance and enjoy both style and comfort.

Outfit details:
Dungaree – Super-Dry
High Neck Sweater: ASOS
Heels: (SOLD OUT – summer ’15 collection) Burberry

– Homely –

_BP10157.jpg _BP10158.jpg _BP10151.jpg

Lastly, a dungaree is the perfect outfit to chillax in. Here, I chose to wear a cashmere sweater with it in order to maximize its comfort 🙂

This is a great way to wear it at home and to do all kinds of household chores. While many of the ”home-outfits” are not always appropriate to wear outsid, in a dungaree you are not bothered with any of that.

Tip: During summer days, you can wear sleeveless/summery tops with the dungaree.

Outfit details:
Cashmere Sweater: Banjo & Matilda
Dungaree: Super-Dry


I hope you all enjoyed this post 🙂
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Photo courtesy: Ashwin Bihari

Special thanks to my cousin, Simren 🙂


Loooooove, Ankita


9 thoughts on “The Denim Dungaree! Leave a comment

  1. I like all three styles. The pictures are amazing! Playful for holidays for sure and chic for any day every day…Homely might not be for me as im always seen in my PJs haha 🙂

    That sexy crop top back pose should be on IG 🙂 😉


    Liked by 1 person

  2. You look absolutely stunning Ankita. Love your style, I loved all the ways you have styled dungaree. Yes, even I didn’t give it much thought until now, every time I saw a dungaree in stores, I thought of it to be for kids. Love the shots and the video, Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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