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Remove your make-up on-the-go!

After an amazing party, dinner or just a random late-night, you look forward to jump into your cosy bed and wrap yourself with your blanket. However, the next thought that comes to your mind is: “OMG, no way! I have to remove my make-up!” There goes your happy mood…

Today, I want to give you easy-peasy steps to remove your make-up in bed or simply in your room. You can perform these steps anywhere; that’s why I call it: Remove your make-up on-the-go!

Why is removing make-up so important?

Honestly, I don’t really think I have to go into depth about this, as I think we all know how cosmetics can harm our skin. However, to make sure we all start at the same page and understand the importance of this, I will still touch on this element first.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 21.16.37

It’s simple and very logical if you just take a minute to think about it. See, our skin works super hard during the night to recover from all that it has to bare with during the day. Therefore, if we don’t help (by cleansing and moisturizing our face) and rather leave all the dirt and make-up on our face, our skin won’t be able to do its work effectively.

What then?

You will experience the following skin problem(s): horrific breakouts, premature aging, blackheads, pimples, dry and irritated skin, wrinkles and much more.

We all want a healthy, glowing and beautiful skin; therefore, we use all kinds of products to remove make-up, cleanse our faces and moisture our skin! SIMPLE 🙂

Let’s start with the routine…

1. Get ready!

Before you really start with your face, tie your hair away from your face, have your products ready and be comfortable.

2. Sensitive areas!

Whichever make-up remover you use for your eyes, make sure that they are strictly meant for the eye area. Why? Because the skin around and on your eyes is much more delicate than on any other part of your face.

Personally, I enjoy using Bobbi Brown’s Instant Long-Wear Make-Up Remover, which is meant for eyes and lips. It removes all the stubborn waterproof make-up, and very gently! Moreover, it also conditions the eye-lashes and leaves everything feeling refreshed.

On-the-Go TIP #1:
(i) Wet flat face-cotton (as in the pic below), (ii) put it on closed eyes for two seconds and (iii) swipe all the eye makeup off 🙂


3. Oil is your best friend!

Use products that are rich in oils and don’t disrupt the skin’s natural balance. Yes, also if you have an oily skin, it’s highly recommended to use oil-based products that work against impurities and make-up.

Dry and normal skin types will, of course, welcome oil-based products, but what about oily skin types?

Babes, it’s all a myth! If you have oily skin, you can (and should) use oil-based products. It simply means that your sebaceous glands are overactive and will as a result produce more oil. However, if you keep wiping the oils off your skin (by using various oil-free products), the glands will produce more oil to balance out the loss of moisture. Meaning: more greasy skin 😦

Therefore, oil-based products allows the skin to maintain its natural oils, which will help to handle the oily skin better.

I would recommend to use Bobbi Brown’s Soothing Cleansing Oil, which is meant for all skin types.

On-the-Go TIP #2: 
(i) Take a few pumps of this liquid onto a flat face-cotton and massage all over your face. (ii) Repeat this process until you are satisfied. I mostly need 2-3 cottons only for my entire face.


4. My secret ingredient!

How did I discover my go-to make-up removing routine… That day, I was soooo exhausted! The last thing I wanted to do was to head to the bathroom to remove my make-up; however, I never wanted to sleep with everything on as it would cause so much extra trouble the next morning.

I started thinking, how do I do this? After the oil, I needed water to give me that fresh and clean-feeling skin. I could use my face wipes, but then they don’t give me that fresh feeling… While looking around, trying to find something that would satisfy my laziness, I saw my bottle of water! Haha 🙂

I always have water with me! Want to know why? Read H2O Balance = Beauty Balance

On-the-Go TIP #3:
After the steps mentioned above, I took that bottle of water and wetted the flat face-cottons and OMG! It was the happiest moment of my day. My skin felt the same (maybe  even better) as it does after a splash of water.


5. Bring balance back!

Once your face is clean and feels refreshed, you just want to add back the comfort, which you do by moisturizing. You can use a toner, as it is a good base for the following (treatment and) hydration products. I use it on-and-off, depending on the time and my mood.

However, the moisturizing part is essential for my dry skin, which I never skip and you shouldn’t either! Bring back the hydration and moisturize with your favorite cream(s). Don’t forget the lips.

On-the-Go TIP #4:
As a moisturizer, (i) I take my Clarins Daily Energizer Cream (20s skin) onto my handpalm, (ii) add a few drop of Argan oil to it and (iii) gently massage it on my face for two minutes. After that, (iv) I apply some of Bobbi Brown’s Lip Balm or the FAB Lip Treatment, depending on the condition of my lips.


6. Goodnight pampering

If you are on-the-go, such as in the train, plane, car or wherever (but home) you are done with the routine after step 5. Even so, you can still perform step 6 on-the-go too – it just depends on your preference.

Personally, I do this before going to sleep.

I take face wipes and clean my feet with it. Then, I apply a good amount of Body Shop’s Body Butter and massage it onto my feet until fully absorbed. Before apply the Lavender Rose Hand Cream by Sabon, I clean my hands with the wipes again.



And, the very last step before I say goodnight, I massage the scalp with my Aveda Brush. I brush mainly on the scalp so the bristles of the brush really touch the scalp to increase blood circulation. Moreover, it really relaxes me to the core.


Voilaaaaaaaa! 🙂 

I do this routine very often when I come home late. I change into my comfortable night-wear, sit cosy in bed with all the products on my night-table and happily remove my make-up without having to go anywhere (and stand all the time).

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What is your ultimate favorite on-to-go make-up removing product?


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Loooooove, Ankita









9 thoughts on “Remove your make-up on-the-go! Leave a comment

  1. I have seen people overlooking the importance of makeup removal in their beauty regimen.. But it is so essential..I never fail to remove my makeup..I love oil based removers..make the whole process easier and quicker.


  2. I love spending some extra minutes every evening to remove makeup and follow up with skincare (as you already know). I totally believe if skin is not clean properly, there is no product in this world that can save skin from clogging and congestion. This first step in skincare routine is ESSENTIAL. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. This will motivate and help those who don’t take makeup removal seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You composed this post very nicely, love all the steps and can totally relate to the feeling of going to the bathroom to wash face instead of going to bed. I do consider the makeup removal and then doing my skincare routine steps as a daily ritual and love it! I need to check that Bobbi Brown makeup remover!


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