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The Hermès Maxi Twilly Scarf Style!

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Many of us look for an easy way to style our outfit without it getting boring and old-fashioned. Nowadays, various trends from the 50s onwards are coming back in fashion; however, this one fashion-piece is evergreen for everyone at any time or occasion!

I am, of course, talking about the S C A R V E S. Scarves on your head, around your neck or maybe a knot on your bag – everything is possible. This piece of cloth can bring your outfit back to life 🙂

Scarves have various benefits:

  • Instant feminine touch;
  • You can wear them in various ways;
  • They come in various sizes, colors, fabrics and styles;
  • Easy to incorporate into your look;
  • And lifts any outfit up.
_BP10060.jpg _BP10113.jpg

I have chosen to share with you four different ways to style a scarf. Here, I am using the Hermès Maxi Twilly Scarf to demonstrate how I enjoy wearing it.


Note: you can have any other scarf and style it the same or similar way 🙂

‘Fashion says: ”Me Too!” Style says: ”Only Me.’



The simplest and most frequent way is to just have the scarf around your neck. It’s easy and fast 🙂 A scarf worn with a simple outfit is a great way to lift your entire appearance. As beginner, this is a great way to wear a scarf and to get used to wearing one.

‘Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.’

_BP10116.jpg _BP10119.jpg _BP10148.jpg

Looking for a good way to bring length to your appearance? Try the ”front knot”, by simply making a knot at your breast level. Your upper body will appear longer and, of course, your outfit gets a beautiful feminine twist! 🙂

‘The truly fashionable are beyond fashion.’

_BP10096.jpg _BP10067.jpg _BP10091.jpg

You dare more? Then go for the ”bow knot”. While being very stylish, one needs a good degree of confidence to carry it well! Share your picture with the bow knot – I would love to see it, or (Instagram) tag me in it. Just make a bow as you would normally do. However, bare in mind that the fabric of the scarf is slippery, which might make it that little bit more difficult.

‘Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it.’

_BP10051.jpg _BP10030.jpg _BP10008.jpg

I call this the ”Chinese knot”. It makes me think of (traditional) Chinese wear. It’s a great way to emphasize your waist and bring out (or sometimes hide) the feminine curves. This style is also a ”dare it” style, just like the ”bow knot” above, but I am sure you will rock it! Try it out and tag or send me your pictures 🙂


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Looooooove, Ankita

…and never forget to wear your SMILE! 

Smile, Shine & Style!



11 thoughts on “The Hermès Maxi Twilly Scarf Style! Leave a comment

  1. What a beautiful scarf, super gorgeous. Love the details on the print and love the way you have styled it. Always love your style, keep it coming 🙂 Nice dress btw.


  2. So pretty…. Really gracious smile and I love the way you have styled this outfit… That scarf is gorgeous…. Perfectly suiting the white dress….. I never knew a scarf can change the entire look of an outfit… I like the bow knot more…. And, so pretty u r in every pic….. Love it..


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