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10 Parisian Styling Rules!

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Ever wondered how Parisians look so classy and elegant yet simple and effortless? Is it maybe just confidence that does the magic?

I admire the Parisian style simple because it emphasizes natural beauty and, if you have been following Beautistaa for a while, you know it’s all about finding the best in you!

For today’s post I have put together four outfits (!), which will reveal the 10 Parisian Styling Rules. These rules will help you style yourself as a perfect Parisian 🙂

Make yourself comfortable, and let’s together go to P A R I S !

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Rule 1:
parisianbeautistaa2Comfortable footwear is essential when it comes to Parisian style. Black ballerinas are the most common, due to their comfort. Then, of course, there are heels. Super-high platform heels, however, are considered ”tacky”. Also avoid wedge and spiked heels.
It’s more appropriate to go for lower-high heels, short/tall boots and leather footwear. Parisians believe that shoes really elevate the overall look.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.22.34.jpg _BP19928.jpg _BP19938.jpg

You see what a difference footwear can make? I went for my Valentino flats (available all year round in various colors, +/- $295|€210) (picture 1) which are undoubtedly very comfortable. The big bow and the studs add that stylish, extra elegance, making them stand out.

Valentino flats ($295|€210) – Buy here

Have a closer ook at the Valentino flats on:
 1 Jumpsuit, 2 Styles and Valentine’s Day – Complete Look

The second pair, my ultimate favorite Salvatore Ferragamo (SOLD OUT! NYC, Fall Leather 2016 Collection $660) heels. These are of leather, very sleek and have detailed patterns all over. Despite their heels, moreover, they are very comfortable due to the extremely soft leather that shapes according to your feet. Indeed, I can walk on them for hours!

Salvatore Ferragamo footwear – Buy here

Rule 2:
parisianbeautistaa1We all know that black is always good (and easy), as it makes us look slimmer and adds that elegance to our appearance. The Parisian wardrobe consists of a lot of black fashion pieces, especially black basics such as a blazer, pants/jeans, shirts/t-shirts and so on. The main reason is that black looks perfect for both casual and formal settings.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.22.50.jpg _BP19976.jpg Rs9sy.jpeg

As you can see, there are a trillion ways to style black pieces. I went for the River Island black pleated and belted culottes ($80 |€55), which are running hot this season! You can find them in various price ranges, fabrics and styles. Then, the long blazer (picture 2) with roll-up sleeves by Zara ($69.90 |€49.95) are a great alternative to the regular blazers.

If you like to add some color, just wear a solid-colored top and you are ready to rock the Parisian look! I wore basic every-day black fashion pieces, but styled it by choosing different fabrics, such as the long cardigan by ASOS.

River Island Culottes  ($80 |€55) – Buy here
Zara Blazer ($69.90 |€49.95) – Buy here

Similar Long Cardigans – Buy here

Rule 3:
parisianbeautistaa8If you google for ”Parisian Style” and then click on images, you will see beautiful outfits. But look more closely… you know what you see? Let me tell you. You see almost no skin, indeed Parisians believe that the less you show (at once) the sexier it is! For example, if you are wearing a skirt where your legs are visible then don’t put on a deep-neck top. As they say, ”Learn to be sexy through understatement and confidence.


This takes us to the second Parisian outfit, which is…

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.23.35.jpg WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.24.23

The moment I saw this Jasmina Midi Skirt by Chi Chi London (2017 Summer Collection £50), I fell in love with it. The length is perfect, as it covers my knees while not showing too much of the legs. Then, to not take away the beauty of the skirt, I wore the Vera Moda Polka Dotted Sheer White top with it.

The long sleeves make me cover more of my skin; however, the entire look doesn’t seem ”over-covered” but is rather classic! The rule is simple: Try to be less sexy, and actually Be it more. If you think too much, it will go wrong.

Now on SALE – Chi Chi London Skirt – Buy here

 Rule 4:

parisianbeautistaa4Details, details and more details. Parisian style is more about details than anything else. However, those details are hard to see at first. Let me help… Details can be added in a very subtle and stylish way. For example:
– The pattern(s) on the bag(s); – The tip and/or heel of your footwear is of another color or fabric;
– Subtle jewellery and so on…

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.23.46 WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.23.39 WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.23.38

Instead of going for a regular floral outfit, I went for something a little different by choosing the 3D floral skirt. Together with the pearl-drop earrings it really adds that touch of detail to my outfit. Also, the tiny dots on my white top complement the skirt.

Rule 5:


Simplicity is much harder to maintain compared to ‘over-doing’. Therefore, it’s very important that you understand the power of simplicity:
– Don’t wear unnecessary accessories;
– Think of elegance and class;
– Don’t show too much skin (Rule: 3).
Take a step back and look at the total picture (look/outfit);
– Choose solid colours, stripes, etc., no screaming patterns.

_BP10086 _BP10159 _BP10206

Stripes and floral prints are always a safe choice when you want to achieve the Parisian look. I found both the prints in one dress at Zara ($69.90 | 49.95)! The 3/4 sleeves, the length and the choice of having a slit in your dress (by unbuttoning the buttons) is just I D E A L! For the most simple and elegant-looking footwear, I chose the Gianvito Rossi ($795 |€590) in the Style Plexi 85.

Stripped & Floral Dress Zara ($69.90 |€49.95) – Buy here
Gianvito Rossi Footwear  ($795 |€590)  – Buy here

Rule 6:

Paris, of course, is also often called the City of Love. Indeed, Parisians love everything about and around them. They love their culture, food, fashion… yes, simply, any and everything! Therefore, wearing what you love is essential – it will bring out the best in your C O N F I D E N C E.  I started this post by stating that Parisians carry everything so well – with class and elegance. This is the secret, Wear What You Love!

_BP10168 _BP10312

Sometimes it’s hard to define what you love to wear. It can be certain prints to which you are attracted, maybe a fashion-style or, even, a specific piece such as loving to wear blazers or jeans. It can be anything and it can differ from season to season.

I might do a post on how to create your own style, or to wear what you love! If you would like me to do this, please let me know by commenting below!

Personally, I looooove trench coats. I am quite tall; therefore, I feel they really complement my height. In the picture above, I am wearing the 2017 Autumn Collection by Zara Trench Coat ($79.90 |€59.95). This coat is of Faux Suede fabric and it’s ultra soft!

Then, I also have a weak for floral prints. Lately, I have also started liking soft feminine shades, such as beige, and light shades of pink, blue and green.

Faux Suede Zara Trench Coat ($79.90 |€59.95) – Buy here

Rule 7:

parisianbeautistaa7It might seem that Parisians wear the same all the time – haha! That’s exactly what is called style.

The Parisian style is achieved by certain statement fashionable pieces, which makes it look like a uniform: the same all the time.

Lots of blacks; Less of skin; Comfortable; Full of confidence; and Elegantly Effortless 🙂

_BP10335 _BP10361 _BP10392 _BP10428 _BP10455 _BP10487

My ”uniform” for the Autumn is going to be Trench Coats! The military green trench coat is by Tory Burch (SOLD OUT! 2016 Autumn/Fall Collection $400). Why do I love trench coats? 5 Parisian reasons:

  • Easy-to-style & comfortable
  • Enhance femininity
  • Available in all colors, styles and fabrics
  • Makes you stand-out & look fashionable
  • I looooove wearing them!

What is your Uniform? Let me know by commenting below 🙂

(No Trench Coats yet for 2017?) Tory Burch Coats – Buy here

Rule 8:


This is a very interesting rule. Parisians really love luxury, but how do they buy it all? Are they all rich? Parisians ”invest” in their fashion.
”Buy more expensive, but with less.”
For example, they will buy a 1000 EUR or USD Trench Coat from a designer like Burberry, and then wear it for years! Suggestion: your basics should be expensive & evergreen, so you can mix and match with trendy stuff.

_BP10072 _BP10242 _BP10393

What I do is simple. I love bags and shoes, so I mostly invest in them. I buy expensive footwear, such as Louboutin, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo and more (check out: Christmas Sparkles!). Then, bags from Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Bottega Veneta and more (check out: East Meets West – Indian Western Outfit!). 

The reason for this is that footwear is an evergreen fashion piece. Now and then some trendy and funky styles will hit the market. Even then, of course, you can continue wearing your evergreens – why not?! 🙂

Besides high-end shoes and bags, I have also luxury jackets, coats, blazers and other outdoor pieces. Again, these are worth the buy ’cause they stay good for a long period as well. What helps here is that my size is stable.

Then, there are the ‘regular’ every-day clothes. I shop for Maje, Karen Millen, Michael Kors, Reiss, Tory Burch and more in this price-class for statement outfits/dresses. Massimo Dutti, Zara, Top Shop and others in this price range are mostly on my shopping list for the more trendy and funky fashion running hot that particular season!

Where do you like to shop luxury fashion goods from?

Antigona Medium Givenchy Bag (+/- $2450 | €1700) –  Buy here
(NOTE: the price varies, depending on where and in which currency you buy!)

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.23.00(1)

Rule 9:


I have talked about this a few posts back, check out: 5 ways to look STYLISH, always!

Once they step outside their home, Parisians pay attention to the way they dress all the time. Even when going for casual wear, for example, they will choose a blazer over a hoody!

Take pride in how you look.


Rule 10:


Parisians embrace their imperfections so perfectly that it doesn’t seem imperfect.

They believe that their strength is their individuality. The key is to put your natural beauty at front in a very subtle manner, without trying too hard.

S I M P L Y  B E  Y O U

Check out: Fashion Meets ConfidenceDon’t die a Copy! and Personality is key!

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.24.26 WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.23.08 WhatsApp Image 2017-07-30 at 23.22.59


I hope you enjoyed the trip to Paris and the Parisian Styling Rules 🙂

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If you have questions regarding anything related to this post, the brands, outfits or styling – don’t hesitate to contact me.

What is your favorite Parisian rule from the 10 rules stated above?

Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Bihari
Special  T H A N K S  to my cousin, Smiti, for translating in French!

Loooooooove, Ankita


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  1. Read a full blog post probably after a long time….love the how you did the post..every single item you have worn here is lovely and classy…love ur choices..totally reflects mine too..U look beautiful in that zara maxi top…simply gorgeous…one of my fav blog posts ever this is going to be..understated yet posh style!

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  2. Love how beautifully you have paired each outfit….The accessories, the style everything is so good… Wonderful pictures too…. I personally adore French style and fashion. Always updated. I love second parisian outfit the most

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  3. You are so incredibly sweet! Really love the way u have put it😘 thanks babe! French Fashion is just sooo inspiring- the way they embrace their natural beauty, confidence level that brings out the best, and not to forget its all so effortless 😍 unbelievable! Thanks once again, hope u keep enjoying the posts xx love


  4. Your smile and your confidence have made everything look so beautiful and alive. I love reading your posts and your style inspires me. I love the way you carry all the outfits, there is a tender side as well as the strong side to all the styles/poses and that is what it means the true Parisian style to me. Great post, will look forward to more of your work. Simply amazing!


  5. Clearly the shoes is making the whole difference to your outfit. I second parisians with the shoes opinion. Love ur style and outfit. Truly world class


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