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Hello Beauties!


Today: Aug, 13th 2017

Let me start by saying that you are looking at a different sort of post. After all, B E A U T I S T A A is turning ONE year old! On this special occasion, I have no thoughts to share on fashion or beauty; rather, today I want to reflect on why I started this blog in the first place. What were the emotions, thoughts and experiences which propelled me to start writing and sharing? And what is it that I hope to achieve with B E A U T I S T A A?


Cozy, sitting on the couch, taking a deep breath and thinking back to the beautiful evening strolls in New York City when it all started…

My husband (Ricky) moved to NYC a little over 6 months before I joined him after our marriage in early 2016.

Together, we had our apartment in the heart of Manhattan, and we loved it 🙂 It all sounds very nice and perfect when looking in from the outside, but it takes a lot of courage, hard work and dedication to get the most out of everything.


Living away from family was the first challenge. Like many of us, I was also brought up with all the comforts of home. Going out with friends when you feel like it; always delicious food to eat at home; laundry, grocery and all of that taken care of. We don’t realize how easy our parents make our lives. Until, that is, we start living on our own. When you have to fill your refrigerator yourself, when you have to cook, do laundry and actually ”run” the entire house.

Secondly, I started living with Ricky. That’s a huge change, too. Before, we used to meet, spend some time together and eventually he used to go to his home and I to mine. That, of course, changed. It’s not harder or easier, it’s just different. I do want to mention that he never made me feel alone, he was always supportive, and showed unending understanding, love and care 🙂

Moving to the other side of the world, as I was born and brought up in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was another enormous challenge. When going on holidays, we often already feel a lot of change… let alone when moving to a different continent and having to call that home!

Of course, there were futher factors which had an influence in my life at that time; however, these three effectively capture the different elements.

Sunnies: D&G; Lip Shade: Marc Jacob Beauty in 206 Dashing

September, 2016

On that beautiful evening – just back from our family visit to the Netherlands – we were walking in the Lower Manhattan area.

I don’t remember exactly how I started talking about all the rollercoaster-like emotions. I told Ricky how challenging and exciting the entire process had been. I won’t call it difficult: we learned so much from it and within just a few months we felt like this was home 🙂

The best feeling ever? A home you have built together with love and passion.

I thought to myself: there must be a lot of young adults – like me – who might be experiencing the same kind of challenges. Or those who want to go out into the big world and challenge themselves. Perhaps some don’t have the courage or confidence to so do, and might not know how and where to start.

And so came the idea: why don’t you share your story through a platform? It just might inspire those girls and ladies.




I had made my mind: I will start a blog and share my experiences with the world!


You might be wondering what the reaction was of the people around me – my family, friends and others. See, I religiously believe that whatever you do, there will always be people who will love it and some who will feel the exact opposite. Therefore, my personal feeling with what I am doing is the most important.

My near and dear ones have always supported me in whatever I wanted to do. There is nothing that makes a person more happy than doing what he or she really loves doing.

I wanted my blog to add value to the lives of young ladies.

Beautistaa’s Mindset was, is and will be:

  • Beautiful from the inside out;
  • A kind soul; and
  • Filled with positivity, confidence and love!

It’s all about loving yourself, being the real you and improving yourself as you move towards your dreams 🙂


So, why Fashion & Beauty?

I noticed that young ladies want to be like X, Y or Z. In the process, I sadly felt that they, – partly or even completely – lose themselves, their beauty, their opinions and eventually their confidence in an attempt to be someone else.

Choosing Fashion as one of the main elements within Beautistaa by Ankita Anand was very important for me to reach that group. With posts like Fashion Meets Confidence, Don’t die a Copy and Personality is Key I want to encourage these girls to embrace their own style and grow into an independent lady.

Of course, I show fashion styles, trends and more in order to give ideas, but always reiterate to wear what makes you feel confident!

Then, Beauty is a part of Beautistaa by Ankita Anand as well, simply because Fashion and Beauty lie close to each other. It’s a way to express. I, of course, review a lot of beauty products, upload YouTube make-up tutorials  and share beauty looks, but it never takes away my style and my taste.

For example, if I don’t like to contour, I won’t do it, even it the entire world is crazy about it. If I don’t need to do anything to my brows, because I find them perfect the way they are, I will never buy brow products. With this I want to emphasize that you should look at yourself, think about what you need and what you want, and then do what you feel right with.

Therefore, the message with beauty is to embrace your own beauty, using make-up or not. Feel you, be you, be real and, again, be CONFIDENT!

January – July, 2017

For many of you following me from the first few months, you might remember that Beautistaa started as:

Travel the world being a beautiful fashionista.


There were three topics, Travel, Beauty and Fashion.

Slowly and steadily, I recognized that the huge amount of traveling was not going to last forever, as we planned to settle-down back in the Netherlands. Moreover, we wanted to keep our trips more private – fair deal 🙂

Then, my passion for fashion and beauty was growing. I enjoyed showing tricks and tips to achieve beauty looks or maintain fashion trends. At this point, I also started Beautistaa’s YouTube Channel: Beautistaa.

Recently, I started a new fashion series where I am working with a professional photographer!

5 ways to look STYLISH, always! and Attending a Summer Wedding…? I can help!

One Year of

In the near future I will start investing more into my blog and social media platforms. In the long-run, I have set my goals as well; however, I want to keep them a little under-cover as there is still plenty of work to do to reach those goals!

When looking back to where Beautistaa started, I feel so proud, happy and satisfied about how things have turned out. It started as an innocent thought full of passion and, today, Beautistaa has made friends around the globe, who are supportive and enjoy the content 🙂

A big shout-out to those who have inspired me, showed me so much love and loyalty! 

All in all, it’s all possible. Find your focus, work towards your goals and eventually everything will fall in place! 🙂



Are we friends already on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat (aankiitaa)?

If you have any questions, suggestions and/or something you want to tell me – you can leave a comment below or mail me at

I keep receiving sweet messages from so many of you – it means so much! It’s the fuel to keep me going and doing better work for you all ❤


Before I end this post, I want to talk a little about the outfit.

These days checked pants are running hot! I combined mine with a off-shoulder top and a cardigan with hood for that extra comfort. The top gives my outfit that edgy appearance, whereas the cardigan gets back the comfort.

Moreover, I chose for my uber comfort Tods’ Loafers 🙂 To finish off, I wore my D&G sunnies (’15 Runway Collection) and the 206 Dashing lip shade by Marc Jacobs’ Beauty!

An outfit that looks classic, is comfortable with trending pieces.




Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Bihari

Loooooove, Ankita





8 thoughts on “BEAUTISTAA’S ANNIVERSARY EDITION! Leave a comment

  1. I love this post, I mean seriously the best post I read today. I can relate to you and the feeling when you have a new home, new country, new surroundings and have to call it home. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your creativity and work. Good Luck and Best Wishes Ankita, —
    from an admirer and fellow blogger!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woow thats such a coincident that u can relate so well with my story! These kind of changes and challenges make us realize that we are so strong and capable of so much more than we think we are.. Thanks so much Preet! Wish u all the best too and really appreciate your loyal visit on


  3. Loved this post Ankita! Got to learn more about you and your life. I also moved to a different continent to live with love of my life. I can relate to you. I realised how much parents sacrifice to make our lives comfortable and now when I am a mommy myself I could step into my mum’s shoes and actually feel what a mum does for her child. My little family is whole world to me and I realize how life changes when you move to another country and call it a home. My son was born here and now there is no going back. This is home 🙂 I would also like to congratulate Ricky for supporting you and letting you do what you want to. Supportive husbands are backbone for us to think a bit about ourselves and do amazing things in our lives. You both make a perfect couple! Loads of best wishes x

    Ash |

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am ‘woowed’ Ash!! Really nice to read this! I am sure it was difficult, or maybe better said: different. But, there is no regret as you have understood that this is it and you have and will make the best of it! We females have a lot a power within us, it’s just that life gives us challenges to see the best of ourselves.

    Thanks for the beautiful wishes, I wish you the same and much more! Lots of love, and keep enjoying the blog! ❤ 😀


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