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HEAT UP or Down?! The UD NAKED HEAT PALETTE! (Product Review)


When in Paris, shop S E P H O R A, ’cause in the Netherlands we don’t have any yet! Yes, yet, my dutch-beauty lovers – there will be one (maybe more) opening soon 🙂

So, last week I was in Paris and just casually walked into the Champs Elysee’s Sephora. I had nothing specific in my mind that I wanted to buy.

But then, if you are a beauty freak you know that it’s impossible to walk out of any beauty store empty-handed. Indeed, I had picked up so much stuff that eventually I got confused and told myself:

”Ok, Ankita what do you really need?” My mind responded: ”NOTHING”, whereas my heart said, ”I really need this, that, that too and this as well”.

At the end, I was a good girl and walked out with just a few things. One of them being:

The Urban Decay – Heat Palette!

This recently launched palette wasn’t on my ‘to-buy list’, however when I saw it at the shop, I thought: let me just try it out and see if the hype around it is justified 🙂

So, here I am, reviewing this palette from packaging to quality of the shades and everything around it.

Let’s decide together whether this palette will ”HEAT” your look UP or DOWN! 


Look Feel

heatfromabove.jpg flowerpower.jpg packaging.jpg

The Urban Decay – Naked Heat Palette, finally in my hands. I can feel it and look at the details when it comes to packaging and actual product.

The packaging is in line with its content: Glamorous, Warm Tones and Metallic. Moreover, it comes with a full-size mirror – super handy!

I feel that it all speaks for itself: warm browns, burnt oranges, and rich siennas 🙂


Shades Swatches

heatbeauty.jpg heatud.jpg

As you can see in the pictures above, the palette overall consists of perfect copper-toned shades! Due to the warm-matte and warm-shimmer shades it can be used all year round.

The first two shades (from the bottom) are meant to highlight the brow-bone and inner corner of the eyes. The following two shades are perfect for the crease in order to add depth to the look. Then, the 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th shades are shimmer shades. Lastly, the remaining four mattes are deeper colors.

The shimmer shades aren’t ”in your face shimmer”, rather they are very subtle and beautiful on the eye-lids.  Moreover, all the shades are perfectly pigmented and easy to blend!


You can create various looks with this one palette:

  • Natural, matte day time;
  • Soft shimmer for the day;
  • Heavy, smokey for the night, and
  • Looks containing shimmer for a night-out!

All in all, you can create a lot of looks 🙂


Quality & Price

The twelve shades in this palette look gorgeous, but it’s more important to know whether the quality is good or not.

I used to use the naked 2 and 3 palette a lot. Why used to? Because every time I used the eye-shadow, my eye-lids afterwards became very dry and itchy.

Eventually, after trying again and again, I stopped using both the palettes as it started ruining my skin.

Nevertheless, I still bought this new palette and… I am A M A Z E D!

The quality has definitely improved a lot:

  • Shades are creamy;
  • Easy to blend;
  • Less powdery = less wastage;
  • High in pigmentation; and
  • Not damaging to the skin (unlike the old palettes).

Which raises the question: is the quality worth the price tag?

These palettes retail for USD 54 at Sephora and Urban Decay, which is on the pricey side. Moreover, there are some drug-store brands that carry the same warm-tones for much less.

Ultimately, then, it’s a personal choice over whether or not you want to spend that kind of money. Personally, I think it’s worth it 🙂


To conclude, I was afraid to buy this palette at first, but then I would regret it afterwards. The quality is really that good!

If you love warm, natural tones for your eye-lids, this is your thing. As said before, it’s a palette for all-year round and suitable for all skin-tones, too.

I would say: it’s a HEAT it UP palette!

I am planning to do a few looks with this palette. If you have any suggestions or ideas, they are more than welcome.


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Which eye-look (1, 2 or 3) would you like to see with this HEAT palette?

> Smokey Eye – All Matte <<
> Transform – Day to Night <<
> Day Time Shimmer Eyes <<




Yes, Make-up or No, Make-up or maybe, Sometimes Make-up.
It doesn’t matter, ’cause you are AMAZING, always!

Looooooooove, Ankita



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  1. this palette packaging is color.. without doubt! but somehow I was not sure how I am going to look in those burnt orange and brick shades.. so gave it a skip


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