Attending a Summer Wedding…? I can help!




It’s summer here in Europe (and in some other parts of the world), which means that many couples plan their weddings in these few months. The days are longer, the evenings hotter and there are flowers and greenery everywhere!

If you are attending a summer wedding this season and you need styling tips and ideas, you have come to the right place. At the end, I will be including some ”gift ideas” too for the newly-weds to remember your presence on their special day πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 15.16.11.png

” Pretty in Pastels ”

Summer weddings contain soft, pastel shades. Therefore, it’s more appropriate to wear colors like mint green, sky blue, baby pink, peach, light beige and so on.

These shades are not only appropriate, but also look classy. Moreover, you don’t want to wear bold and dark colors on a hot day.

I chose to go with a full-length, baby pink dress byΒ Needle & Thread. The sequence work, all over the front and back, makes the dress appear more chic.

If you choose a heavy dress, like mine, you can keep all other accessories, such as jewellery, shoes and bags simple and minimalistic.


” Chic and Comfort ”

As said before, the dress contains sequence work. Here this is silver-colored. Therefore, I chose to go for silver/ metallic accessories.

Jewellery –Β I wanted to keep it all sophisticated. My Cartier Ballon Bleu Swiss watch on one wrist and diamond bangles on the other. For my ears, just simple diamond stud earrings.

Footwear –Β The super-comfortable three bow heels byΒ Charles and Keith.Β Bare in mind that you might have to stand for a while on a wedding, so be sure you go for comfortable footwear!

Bag –Β MyΒ Jimmy ChooΒ clutch matches all the other accessories perfectly, as it is of silverish metallic shades.




All in all, the accessories don’t have to be loud: keep it neutral and light. The less you carry with you, the more you enjoy, as you don’t have to take care of all your stuff πŸ™‚

” No Bobby Pins Needed ”

As a wedding guest I feel that it’s essential to look like one. We have spoken about the outfit and the necessary accessories that go with it. Now, probably you can guess, it’s about hair and make-up.

Let’s start with make-up. On hot days, I personally don’t like wearing much make-up, especially not heavy make-up.

Read: ”Make-Up Secrets for Hot Weather”, revealing summer make-up tips!

Therefore, I can suggest two very nice foundations by Charlotte Tilbury:Β the Magic Foundation, which has a great coverage; and the Light Wonder, which is light on the skin. Both are equally appropriate for hot weather; however, what you go for will depend on what you look for in a foundation.

Furthermore, glowing skin is a must, and what about the lip-shade and eye-shadow?Β (Click the link below)

Read: ”Pretty Pink Face”, more about beauty and make-up hacks!




Moving on toΒ hair! I chose to go for straight hair. However, during the shoot, because of a little rain, my hair became wavy… and I loved it! Anyhow, I would advice to not go for a bun, as that is usually for the bride herself.

Besides, loose hair looks effortless, you can style it yourself and it takes less time to get it all done. It’s a win, win and win πŸ™‚

If you want volumized straight OR curly hair, use the Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion Spray. This product contains sea salt, which adds volume to your hair.

Read: ”Bounce Your Hair”, how to use the the Surf Infusion Spray!

” It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts ”

Themed gifts

Most weddings have a theme these days, which can make it easy (or sometimes very difficult) to buy a gift for the newly-weds. For example, one of my best friends gifted me a Swarovski Cinderella Shoe for my Cinderella-themed wedding. Cool right?! πŸ™‚

Personalized gifts

The most personal gift is, of course, personalized in one way or the other! To give you some ideas:

  • Beautiful champagne glasses with the names of the couple on them;
  • A silver plate with the wedding date and a beautiful quote engraved on it;
  • Foto collage with various captures of fun memories you have with the couple (or one of them).

Handy basket

When two people start a new life, there are always things they need. This might be something for their home they will be living in or already are living in, ”how to” books, and much more! It’s always good to make a basket with some of these handy things, which will help them start a beautiful life together πŸ™‚

There are, of course, many more gifts that you can give a newly-wed couple, but the three mentioned above are sometimes forgotten: they are so simple yet amazing for the love-birds!




Read: ”Pretty Pink Face” which is all about the make-up for the summer wedding look!


Details of Outfit:

Dress:Β Needle and Thread
Footwear: Charles and Keith
Clutch: Jimmy Choo
Watch: Cartier
Flowers: Hydrangea Macrophylla


”Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite”

Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Bihari

What do you (as a guest) enjoy wearing for a summer wedding?

Looooooove, Ankita
P.S. Some captures from my wedding… πŸ™‚







  1. O M G what a fantastic post Ankita! You look fabulous as a wedding guest. Love your dress and accessories. Your makeup and hair look equally amazing and compliment the look so well. You made a very beautiful bride too. I love your wedding dress and all photos.

    Great Post. Loved reading πŸ™‚

    Ash |


  2. You look so gorgeous Ankita, love the way everything sets in place, all the accessories, all the details, just so perfect.


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