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Pretty Pink Face! – Beauty Products

Hi Make-Up Lovers,

First of all I want to thank you for all the love for my previous post ” 5 Ways To Look Stylish, always! ” 🙂

In a few days a Summer Wedding Fashion Post will go up, which covers aspects such as:

  • What color you should wear;
  • How to style it with jewellery;
  • Importance of comfortable shoes;

… and much more…

I am sure you have noticed that the make-up for the summer wedding is missing! Exactly, that’s because I will be sharing with you how to create this look:

  • The perfect base – as you don’t want your make-up to melt away in the heat;
  • Matte eye-shadow shades – because too much shimmer takes away the classy appearance;
  • Fresh pinkish lip shade – to pull the entire look together;
  • Some shimmer and highlighter on the cheeks – to make your skin look glowy.

I will be showing you step-by-step what products I used to achieve the Pretty Pink Face.

Note: you can choose different colors; however, I felt that pinks go well with a summer wedding, as it gives a soft appearance.

” The basics ”

Primer, Foundation, Concealer and Setting Powder.

These are called the basics, because the base decides whether or not your make-up will look flawless 🙂

I started with my favorite: Primer, Smashbox – Photo FinishThis oil-free product creates the perfect canvas, which also helps your foundation to stick-on better and longer.


Next is the Magic Foundation in 7 by Charlotte TilburyThe coverage with one layer only is already very good. If you like heavy coverage you can build the foundation up by adding another layer. Give the foundation a few minutes to settle down and enjoy the flawless finish!

TIP: I use the Bobbi Brown – Face Mist on my Bobbi Brown – Full Face Brush and then work with it to blend out the foundation. This will make everything look more smooth 🙂

Foundation & Full Face Brush

Then, comes the Concealer. I used the Nars Radiant Creamy in Biscuit, focusing on the inner corners. Next to the Biscuit, I applied the Ginger shade, a little lower on the high-points of my cheeks.

TIP: For a more natural look, you can do concealer first and then foundation. However, bare in mind to go over the concealed areas very slightly with the foundation.


The last step to complete the base is, of course, to set it all in place. I used the Sephora – Bright Set, Pressed Finishing Powder. While applying this on the T-zone, concentrate it on the areas where you tend to crease the most, such as the laugh-lines and under-eye areas.

Moreover, this powder is yellow (instead of white), which also helps to brighten up!

Setting Powder

” Time to Add C O L O R ”

Eye-Shadow, Blush and Lip Stick.

To get the soft Pretty Pink Face we will have to add pink tones to the look. Keep in mind, though, we don’t want to look like cotton candy! Therefore, you have to think before ladering all your pink make-up onto your face.

We will start with Eye Shadow – The Zoeva Smokey PaletteI just used two shades – ”Dust & Memories” and ”Smoky Wishes” – out of this palette.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 21.52.31.png
Eye-Shadow Shades: The two with the stars are used for this look

The ”Dust & Memories” was mainly applied on the eye-lid, whereas the ”Smoky Wishes” went into the crease.

Both the shades are matte, giving the eyes a soft look. I applied a very thin line of the Double Take Eye-Liner The Liquid Side and finished the eye make-up by applying my favorite Mascara by Stila – The Huge Impact.


As you are keeping the eye make-up soft and matte, we can play around with some shimmer on the cheeks. However, we can’t go crazy, otherwise it will look out of place. So, what do you use? The Bobbi Brown – Shimmer Brick is the best if you want a soft and subtle look.

Read: ”Highlighter ALERT”, for more highlighter options!

Out of the three bricks, we will be using the one called Bronze (middle in the photo above). This consists of pinkish shades but also bronze-brown shades, which will work as a soft, bronzed-up look. Before applying the shimmer, use some of the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light (1) to very slightly contour the face.

We are using softs shades on the whole face.  This catches a lot of light, making your face lose it’s natural shadows. Hence, it’s important to contour.

Bronzing Powder

Once done with the contour, the next step is applying the shimmer on the cheeks. For this, overlap the contour a little with the shimmer which will blend and give a smooth look.

TIP: The right way to apply the shimmer brick is to go right and left with the brush. This will make sure that the top part of the brush takes the lighter shades of the brick, whereas the darker shades go on the lower part of the brush. Result: a blend with the contour shade you applied earlier.

To pull the entire look together I added a pink lip shade. The best duo to achieve that pretty, pink and fresh-looking lip is by using the Huda – Lip Contour in Gossip Girl and then on top of it the Bobbi Brown lip stick in Tulle.

Lip Pencil & Lip Stick

These three beauty products give that Pretty Pink Face! It’s important to do this right, and not overdo it. As everything is soft, light and natural-looking, at times it can look minimalistic. In the sunshine (outdoor), however, less is more 🙂

” Finishing Touch ”

Eyebrows and Setting Spray.

I would recommend to keep the eyebrows natural rather than hars lines. Personally, I just comb the eyebrow hairs without filling them in. (I have dark and thick eyebrows – mostly I don’t do anything to them.)

As this is make-up for a summer day, you have to lock everything in place. For this, I would suggest to use a Setting Spray. I have been using the Bobbi Brown – Face Mist which I used earlier to blend in my foundation.

Setting Spray

TAAADAAA! 🙂 Ready to enjoy the summer wedding!



Which product(s) do you use to make you make-up last longer on hot summer day?

Read: ”Make-up Secrets For Hot Weather”

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Loooooove, Ankita






13 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Face! – Beauty Products Leave a comment

  1. I use a gel based foundation fro summers. I stay away from creme products. Also, a subtle eye color and a waterproof mascara is a must..In my handbag- I carry a facial mist to spritz often so that my face looks more fresh and my makeup stays on


  2. Thanks Ash! Which foundation did you try, the magic foundation or the light wonder – personally I like the magic foundation more. I will be doing a review on both the foundations very soon. Keep an eye on the blog, it might help you out xx


  3. Not a makeup junkie myself but I had started applying gel foundation sometimes back and stopped using it after I realised not my cup of tea but your post is encouraging me to go back to it again.


  4. Hi Alka! See, u don’t have to lader on makeup like crazy – go easy with it – apply what u like and never loose your own face – cause u are gorgeous!! I would recommend to start with blush, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara – if you want some coverage for your face too go with a water based foundation – such as the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder. Otherwise u can also only use a concealer at your under-eye area to brighten it up and blend it until the highpoints of your cheeks, then apply blush, mascara n a lipshade and u are done! Easy and effortless 🙂 (this trick with the concealer is what i do all the time – it makes u seem more awake and u have minimum makeup on) :p

    Let me know if you have any other questions I would love to help u out xx
    U can mail me on:

    Have a good day pretty lady!


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