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5 ways to look STYLISH, always!

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Heyloo Beautiful Souls! 🙂

It has been a little over a week since my last post; however, I have been super active on my Instagram page regarding all kinds of new projects I am working on!

So, here I am BACK: BIGGER & BETTER! 

If you are new to my blog, WELCOME 🙂 As you might have noticed, is about fashion and beauty. Yet it also focuses on confidence, positive attitude and growth!

Here at we want you to be beautiful INSIDE-OUT! It’s not only about your pretty appearance, but also about finding the real you, embracing yourself and shining bright

This brings me to a book: Mastery Of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, which made me realize the importance of self-love and self-respect. 

Today’s post is about creating your style, some simple styling-tips to always, always and always look stylish and, of course, a style that makes you feel good from the inside. It’s nothing crazy, yet simple, easy and comfortable!

”Easy is as easy does”

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In order to create your own style, there should be consistency and continuity. Are you a person who loves wearing jeans? Incorporate that into your every-day style. Or do you prefer dresses? Think of what kind of dresses: solid colors, floral prints or maybe you prefer fit and flare dresses.

An every-day stylish look has to be easy and quick. You don’t want to think for hours about what to wear or how to style.


Tuck in your top, as you can see in the pictures above. It instantly makes the entire look edgy. You have to learn more about yourself, so try out new things – play around.

Leave the tassels of your top hanging instead of tying these up. Simple and fast.

You can also add to the initial outfit things such as a scarf, a hat or maybe a blazer. These pieces add that little extra to the look, and you can remove it whenever you want to 🙂


”We go together like handbags and high heels”

This is my favorite part, as the bags and shoes really make your style look yours! So, ladies take out all your designer stuff and rock them 🙂

I personally love wearing a comfortable outfit, styling those with a pair of heels. Heels make your walk more feminine. Your entire appearance becomes much more stylish.

What if you don’t like heels? Or prefer flat footwear? No worries, just go with that!


Try to match your footwear and bags. No matter what you are wearing, it will all fall in place.

If you choose to wear heels for the day (and lots of walking is involved), always carry a pair of flat footwear with you.

If I can avoid carrying a bag, I am happy to (even though my husband keeps reminding me of my high-end, designer bags!). I just love to walk around with my hands empty and without any burden on my shoulders, literally!

Anyway, often it’s very handy to have a bag with you, as we walk around with all kinds of stuff, such as our wallet, smartphone, bottle of water and …., and….

Read the tips and tricks to stay HYDRATED all day long! 


”I don’t choose the GLAM, the GLAM chooses me”

It’s time to talk about make-up and hair. Indeed, your style isn’t complete without your face and hair. Make-up doesn’t mean you have to lader it all on, no! I would say: please don’t do that, ’cause when we are talking about creating your style, it’s about:


Let’s be honest: we don’t always have the time to do a full glam face and be busy with our hair for hours, right? Moreover, you really don’t want to make a routine out of it, as it causes frustration and unnecessary stress to cope with.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose for a routine you can stick to. Again, it should be easy and quick.


If you have curly hair, enhance the curls. This will be quick and you are enjoying your natural beauty. Same goes for straight hair.

Keep your make-up easy-to-do, which you can repeat daily. No cake-face please.

_BP11184.jpg _BP11199.jpg

I enjoy using the Grooming Creme by Bumble and Bumble. A brand that specializes in hair(care) products. It’s the best product for lazy people who hate to spend time to work on their hair, but still want it to look beyond perfect!

More of Bumble & Bumble for big and volumized hair? Read: Bounce Your Hair!

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 13.15.03.png


”Jewellery always fits”

Do you always wear a watch, then that’s your style! Keep doing it, ’cause it’s a fashion statement piece 🙂 I doesn’t matter what watch you like to wear, bold or classic.

Moreover, it can be rings, earrings or necklaces: whatever piece of jewellery you enjoy wearing. However, don’t over-do it by wearing all kinds of stuff. Remember: create the style that you will enjoy day after day.


Wear one or the other, don’t over-do it.

Choose the kind of jewellery that fits your style and that you enjoy wearing daily.

”Be you… Do you… For you…”


The last but most important element to creating your own style is to be comfortable with yourself. 

Your style can only be yours when you feel confidence in it. This feeling will allow you to carry the outfit with grace.

Want to read more about confidence? Head to: Fashion Meets Confidence

As you can see, my outfit is simple: a pair of jeans, a tucked-in top with hanging tassels, a pair of heels, a blazer I can put on and take off, and simple make-up. I went with my natural hair texture and just added some volume to it as well as, of course, my confidence through my smiling face! TAADAAA, READY! 





Details of Outfit:

Jeans: LevisLevis
Top: Zara Collection
Blazer: Steps
Footwear: Charles & Keith
Watch: Cartier


”The best make-up = a smile,
The best jewellery = modesty and
The best outfit = confidence!”

Photo Courtesy: Ashwin Bihari

Of the 5 styling elements mentioned above, which would you want to make your own in order to create your style?


Loooooove, Ankita





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  1. You are a STUNNER girl, I am just loving this whole look, you have such great style sense, the blazer and pump, I need them both 🙂 Keep these posts coming, so refreshing and inspiring!


  2. Such a fabulous look… U are carrying every outfit with such ease… With minimal makeup nd accessories, this s excellent…. Perfect for casts day out or a picnic…


  3. Renji, u are a sweetheart! You know what the secret is to rock each and every outfit…? My last point in this post – BE YOU! Really, it works magic. If you want more tips on this, read my blog-post named: Personality is Key! xx


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