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Are you ready for a full review of the HUDA BEAUTY LIP STROBES? I have been eager to try these out and give y’all all the details! 🙂

Recently, I bought 9 shades out of the 12 launched. From the 3 shades, 2 I purposely left out: Moody and Foxy. The 3rd, Saucey, wasn’t available anymore and therefore I was left with 9 shades in my basket!

However, I still want to give you some information regarding the 3 shades.

Starting with Moody:

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.12.42.png

This shade is a deep purple shade. Personally, I am not a fav of purples on my lips. However, it can look stunning on certain skin-tones! If you are a ”dare” girl and you like it bold, it might be a great shade for you.


Then, there is Foxy:

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.22.16.pngA brown-orange shade is again a little too much for my lips. Moreover, it makes my complexion appear dull. I would suggest this shade for either fair or dark skin-tones as it will enhance the beautiful complexion!


The shade Saucey is a beautiful red-pink color, which I am head over heels about.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.26.01.png

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on it. Evidently, it’s a popular color and favorite for many! Moreover, it’s suitable for all skin-tones: fresh and perfect for a beautiful summer day or great for a night-look!



Let’s now start with the lip strobes I own! I will provide you swatches, and cover elements such as, packaging, intensity, real feel of the product and much more!



The container, wand, and quantity

We all know Huda Beauty’s signature packaging. It’s the same as the Liquid Matte Lipsticks. However the theme is more metallic. I captured some shots:

A fun fact is that the Liquid Matte at first seem a little larger, whereas the Lip Strobe (in clear glass containers) feels and looks slimmer. However, the size of the container containing the liquid is exactly the same!  

There is little difference in the quality, as the Lip Strobe contains 4ml/0.14oz and the Liquid Matte contains 5ml/0.17oz.

Moreover, the wand of the Lip Strobes is smaller, making it a more precise application tool. The pointy front of the wand it very handy to get into the corners.

Lip Strobe Wand. It’s smaller giving a more precise application.
Liquid Matte Wand vs Lip Strobe Wand

Personally, I feel that more thought is gone into the Lip Strobes compared to the Liquid Matte Lipsticks.


The liquid of the Lip Strobe

Its intensity, duration and pigmentation

Let’s start talking about intensity first, ’cause we all want to use a a minimum amount of product and obtain maximum results, right?

These strobes allow you to achieve metallic and shimmery lips with just one stroke on the entire lip. Not only do your lips appear glamorous, they also look more plump and full!

If you know the effect of a Lip Plumper A.K.A. Lip Amplifier, you know what I am talking about 🙂 These Lip Strobes contain that formula too.

So, intensity is great, but what about its pigmentation? After all, there are many shades available and we want to get a specific color on our lips.


I have been using these Lip Strobes for over a week and I can tell you two things about its pigmentation:

1. One stroke on the entire lip does (temporary) justice to it’s pigmentation.

Why only ‘temporary’? I will explain. At first, when applying, the gloss is highly pigmented, giving a ”wooow” feeling. It’s shimmery and glossy, not sticky and pigmented. However, after an hour or two (without eating and drinking) it looses its pigment, but the shimmer (metallic) remains!

This brings me to the second point,

2. Use a similar color lip pencil or lip stick underneath the Lip Strobe.

This will make sure that the color you wanted your lips to be will be visible for longer. As said before, the shimmer of the Lip Strobe anyways stays on longer.

Therefore, either keep a lip shade (lip stick or lip pencil) in your purse together with the Lip Strobe. As an alternative, if you like a lot a shimmer and gloss, you can keep reapplying the Lip Strobe once its pigment starts fading away.



I feel it’s high time to show you real swatches in order for you to decide for yourself on the intensity of the shimmer (metallic) and pigmentation 🙂

Snobby Swatch


Angerlic Swatch
Mystical Swatch
Ritzy Swatch
Boujee Swatch
Posh Swatch
Shameless Swatch
Enchanting Swatch
Fearless Swatch





Price Quality Ratio

The Huda Beauty Lip Strobes retail for £17 ($18) and can be found at:

While the Lip Strobes are $2 cheaper than the Liquid Matte, I feel that these Lip Strobes can be used in more ways, such as on top of a lipstick to create a shimmer/glossy look, just the gloss itself or on the eyelids for a glossy finish.

A YouTube Video on this is coming soon!

Looking at the ratio, I personally feel that it’s a little on the expensive side. But then again, comparing it with other brands you really get something unique.



Do you have a specific question regarding the Lip Strobes?
Feel free to contact me:

or leave a comment below and I will come back to you 🙂

What is your favorite shade?


Love, Ankita







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