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East Meets West – Indian Western Outfit!

If you like to look different, if you like to wear different and if you have the confidence to carry different fashion styles… then keep on reading! Today, it’s not about one specific fashion culture or style, rather…

Today, we are going Indo-Western a.k.a. Indian with a Western twist outfit! 

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We are all aware of the fashion sense and styles in the west, and I think many of us also know the Indian culture and its outfits, such as the saree, salwar-kameez and more.

To refresh your mind, below you can see two of the many colorful Indian outfits:



Without making you wait any longer, lets head to the Indo-Western Outfit! 



My outfit is from 1600 A.D. by Naisha Nagpal bought in New Delhi, India. When I entered the boutique I fell in love with Naisha’s collection. It’s so unique, stylish and really fresh – something you won’t see elsewhere. She gives her own beautiful twists to the various designs making each individual piece appear stunning! 🙂

Western vs Eastern

As you can see the semi-tight palazzo pants, the visible tummy and the outfit not having a long scarf (chunni) gives it the western twist. Moreover, I made it a little more modern rather than a traditional Indian look by wearing non-glitter heels.

Even so, the embellished work on the collar line and full back, in combination with colors, really give it that Indian appearance.

To make it more Indian, you can add Indian statement jewellery, such as earrings and some nice bangles. I personally wouldn’t wear anything in my neck, as it will take away the elegance of the outfit.


indowesternbeautistaa inwesternbeautista

Make-up & Hair

I wanted the look to be elegant and chic yet still look effortless and simple. Therefore, I went with a medium-high bun. This hair style not only added grace and elegance, it also made all the back work on the outfit visible.

Moreover, I kept my skin semi-matte, natural-looking with sparkling eye make-up using browns and golds from various palettes. I went bold with my lips, by lining them with Huda Beauty’s Cheerleader Contour Pencil and going over it with Boujee – Huda Beauty’s Lip Strobe adding a glittery metallic look.

indowestern beautistaafashion


As said before, I wore non-glitter heels to make my entire look appear more western. I chose to go with my Gucci Heels, which are animal patterned. My clutch, by Bottega Veneta, is of reptile leather which matches with the heels.

Both my heels and clutch make the look appear very edgy yet effortless – exactly what I wanted!

beausitaafashion indowesternbea

Share your thoughts: what’s your favorite element of this look?

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Lots of Love, Ankita

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14 thoughts on “East Meets West – Indian Western Outfit! Leave a comment

  1. Wow Ankita…. You are carrying this look really well. I like how you have kept accessories and hair to minimal to match the outfit…. Makeup is perfect. Though I didn’t like the color when seen partially in Instagram post…. I m loving the outfit now…. It’s awesome on u

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are sooo kind hun! I would recommend you to read Fashion Meets Confidence – it explains how to rock each an every outfit you wear! 🙂 haha, yes I read your comment on IG, of course each its own taste, but glad you are liking it! xx


  3. Wow, this was long awaited post after you posted a snapshot of this look on Instagram. You look so perfect. Love the outfit, the embroidery and the detailing is just beautiful. Love your medium high bun, it suits you so well and suits well with the outfit. Makeup is on the point. I love Bottega Veneta 🙂 Love everything about this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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