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Take the Day Off Balm with CLINIQUE – Product Review

M I R A C L E …


I could not start this post without mentioning what this product means to me.

Note: this is not a sponsored blog post, it’s my own opinion and honest review!

My fear as a Beauty Blogger and Vlogger has always been that my skin, after removing make-up, still isn’t cleansed well. On the long run, this can lead to bigger pores, little blemishes and acne can appear, which eventually makes your skin look unhealthy.

That’s why I never ever in my life sleep with make-up on. It’s the worst you can do to your skin! Moreover, I maintain no make-up days, where I give my skin the opportunity to breathe with just a good moisturizer on.


Approximately one month ago I bought the Clinique – Take The Day Off Balm – Make-up Remover (I will leave various links to websites where you can buy this product). I had seen someone using it on YouTube and thought to try it out as well. I had been looking for a new make-up remover, one which would be gentle for my dry skin.


So, lets review this balm to the core! 🙂


The balm comes in a round jar with a shiny silver lid and the jar itself has a purple color. I like this, as it is simple and sophisticated. Moreover, the jar is filled to 125ml. Keep on reading to get to know more about the balm itself and its quality!

The Balm (Content)

The white balm has a unique (soft) solid texture. However, the best part is that as soon as you start massaging it onto the face it feels like velvet on the skin. It made me think of coconut oil, yet less greasy and with a smoother texture.

I cannot really place the smell of this balm; however, it’s not at all strong, very mild and not disturbing.

Quality vs Price Ratio

When using it for the first time, I accidentally applied it on and around my eye(lids) and thought: shoot, this is going to burn! Guess what: this balm doesn’t burn or make any area itchy, and still removes the most stubborn mascara and eyeliner!

Same goes for the lips: it’s so gentle and soft yet again removes the entire lip-shade.

As if that wasn’t enough quality, it also leaves your skin hydrated after washing the balm off, making it amazing for all skin types, especially dry skin.

See, I told you: it’s a MIRACLE 🙂

Price –
The quality, as you read above, is outstanding. However, what do you pay to enjoy that?

19478656_1356207861095026_1180258073_o.jpgThese jars retail at EUR 32 at Bijenkorf and USD 29 at Sephora.

Ratio – 
Personally, it’s a fair deal, as you get a good amount of the product. Above that, its qualities and its feel after washing it off is just hard to find on the market.

How to use it best

  1. Massage the balm onto dry make-up face – unwashed – in circular motions;
  2. Wash it off with luke-warm water;
  3. Repeat on areas where you feel necessary and, again, wash off;
  4. Pat it dry with a soft face towel;
  5. Moisturize face and apply a lip balm.


Stop your search and buy this one! I can assure you that you won’t ever want to switch to another make-up remover 🙂

Are you going to buy it? Let me know by commenting below.

xxx Love, Ankita






15 thoughts on “Take the Day Off Balm with CLINIQUE – Product Review Leave a comment

  1. THis is one of my fav cleansing balms…I love how effective it is….If you love this one, Do try trilogy cleansing balm too…and tell me ur opinion on it…I am sure u’ll love trilogy as well

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  2. I wish i never read this post now, you’ve made me want to buy this even more than I already did haha! I love your blog, can’t wait to read more xx


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