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Summer Look Book @ Krabi & Phi Phi

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Hi beautiful ladies, welcome to! 🙂

It has been quite a while since I wrote a Look Book post, actually a Fashion post in general. Recently, I made a plan in which I want to post at least 1 to 2 Style Story Category Posts a week.

In this post, I want to show my Krabi & Phi Phi Island look book. I visited this mesmerising place in April and instantly fell in love with its crystal clear water and surroundings!

Krabi is on the mainland of Thailand, whereas Phi Phi Island (as the name already states) is a Thai island some 30 minutes by speed boat from Krabi.


The outfits I chose to wear for this trip had two things in common:

(1) lightweight fabrics and (2) soft summer colors.

I chose lightweight fabrics, such as polyester and cotton, for a few straightforward reasons:

  • Airy – in order to stay as cool as possible;
  • Light on the skin – it feels as if you are wearing (almost) nothing, even though the “protection” is still there;
  • Not sticky – it’s easy to put on and take off;
  • Pack more – you can pack more stuff for your vacation as these summer clothes don’t take much space.

Look One: D R O P  S H O U L D E R  J U M P S U I T

The moment I saw this jumpsuit hanging in the Sheike and Co boutique in Sydney, I knew this was going to be my favorite piece of the summer. The dropped shoulder style is my favorite and the wide leg makes it all the more appropriate for the summer.

Personally, I love jumpsuits – they are easy to dress up and down, making them appropriate for both day and night 🙂

19244158_1355219404527205_1956118245_n 19433654_1355219581193854_639786128_n 19433495_1355219484527197_934815878_n 19458447_1355219454527200_1733235636_n


Look Two: S T Y L I S H  S K I R T  A N D  F R I L L 

I enjoy wearing skirts; however, at times I find them difficult to style.

The easiest, although expensive, way is to buy the entire set, as displayed by the stylist of the shop. Another option is to “steal” the stylists’ color combination idea and think if you have something similar in your wardrobe.

Here, I am wearing Nine West Collection (both skirt and top), bought in Singapore. I love the colors on the skirts as they are ideal for the summer. Moreover, the frills on the top are very elegant, adding that extra style to the entire outfit.

19458280_1355220291193783_733885827_n 19458161_1355220294527116_619459540_n 19433864_1355220237860455_1084561132_n 19477783_1355220251193787_152071493_n


Look Three: P R I N T E D  R U F F L E  S H O R T – L O N G  D R E S S 

How can a dress not be a part of a summer Look Book? Exactly, here we have it: the Miss Selfridge Dress, bought online.

On a soft pink base some bright prints look outstanding! This dress makes you feel sexy, especially when there is a soft breeze that makes the tail (longest part of the dress at the very end) fly.

The dress has a very different cut (see picture below). It starts short from the left side and it goes longer raffle by raffle towards the right. Moreover, it has cold shoulders and a medium-deep neck from the front and back.

In short, a perfect dress to wear on the beach.

19427640_1355325887849890_20781089_n.jpg 19441490_1355220661193746_1119306857_n 19458280_1355220614527084_1072463438_n 19433676_1355220691193743_1250097827_n


So, that was my summer with my Summer Look Book 🙂

Looks One, Two and Three: which is your favorite?

Let me know by commenting below.

Love, Ankita!






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  1. Great post lovely, you look so pretty. Love all the outfits, especially that nine west skirt. This is indeed a very nice place. Thank you for sharing and keep this kind of posts coming!


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