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Sun-Shades in Collaboration with Nora NYC!

A big welcome to all the Fashionistas!

The summer is here and the sun is shining, which means it’s time to wear your sunnies 🙂 Today’s post is all about sunglasses and I collaborated with Nora NYC to show you four styles running hot this summer!

Without any further due, let’s start.

Note: at the end of this post I have stated the discount code, which applies to the entire website of Nora NYC. More details at the end! 🙂


This Downtown Chic in Champagne is my ultimate favorite and I think you can guess the reason: the beautiful crystals at the top ends are just stunning!

These shades give a soft ‘cat-eye’ illusion, which make them suitable for various face shapes.

In total, there are five colors in this style:


If you are looking for hard-core, perfect cat-eye shaped sunglasses, the Cat-Eye in Golden Grey is the one for you!


Not only does it give the perfect cat-eye, but the golden details make it appear very fashionable and chic. Moreover, it’s super light-weight. 🙂

Looking for another color? There are plenty:


The third is great if you like your sunglasses smaller. This is suitable for people with a round face shape and/or a sleek (thin) face.


The City Life in Navy Blue has round-mirror glasses, giving it a cool and fashionable twist. Moreover, the golden details make it appear elegant.

If you don’t want the mirror glasses, there are other options too:


Last, but definitely not least beautiful, is the Gramercy in the combination Pink and Golden. Again, this one has mirror-glasses, giving it some attitude.


Moreover, as you can see, the out-ends are dramatic, which makes it chic and great for occasions such as beach parties!

I would suggest this sunny for oval and slightly broad face shapes. It can look great on round face shapes as well; however, it might appear a little too dramatic. Again, it’s each her own preference after all 🙂

More colors? Yes, of course:

Out of the seven in total (including the Black & Golden, which I am wearing in the photo) there are six that have mirror-glasses and one is a full-black sunny (second row, middle one) with normal glasses.


Which is your favorite sun-shade out of the four?

There are many more sunnies, which you can find on:

Moreover, to get some Dollars (US) off, use the following code:

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Loooooove, Ankita

Beautistaa X Nora NYC





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