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Girls With Attitude (GWA) Make-Up Brushes – REVIEW!

Hey Make-Up Freaks! Are you ready to know more about the GWA-brushes?

Before we start, I just want to give you the opportunity to see me use these brushes. So check out Peachy Summer Look on my YouTube Channel.

Lets start 🙂

Approximately a month ago, I ordered the Rainbow Collection and the Marble Collection brushes from their website. Besides make-up tools, this London-based brand also sells make-up, lashes and nails; however, I haven’t tried any of these myself.

The GWA brushes are beautiful to look at, they look very pretty on your dresser, and they are very soft. The reason I wanted to own these beauties was definitely due to the way they look! Moreover, on the website it’s stated that the brushes are cruelty-free and vegan, which made it all the more interesting for me.

I know, you all might be thinking: it’s an application tool, so application is the main thing to test. I agree.


The application of the brushes is really good and precise – the hair of the brushes have the perfect stiffness. Meaning, that the product get exactly there were you touch it with the brush.

The only little thing that is disturbing is that when you put it into any powder make-up, especially the bigger brushes, and you just want to tap off the excess product (powder), it often happens that most of the powder gets off the brush and you have to re-dip it into that powder again.

Solution: try to tab the (big) brushes very lightly.

But then again, the application itself is very good. The smaller brushes don’t have that problem and I feel that I can live with that 🙂

Moreover, these brushes sell for:
– Rain Bow Collection: 45 EUR for 10 brushes
– Marble Collection: 35 EUR for 7 brushes

Personally, I find the quality vs price ratio quite acceptable.

If you want to see me using these brushes, visit my YouTube Channel! 

To give you a quick summary:
Look of the brushes: Very pretty and many options
Brushes themselves: Soft and remain soft
Application: Good (just don’t tap to remove excess product, it might be that all product comes off!)
Quality vs Price: Reasonable to acceptable



Which make-up brushes are you currently obsessed about?
Let me know by commenting below.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading this post!
I hope to see you on my YouTube Channel as well 🙂

Looooove, Ankita




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