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PRODUCT REVIEW: ZOEVA Eye-Shadow Palettes!

Welcome back Beautiful Ladies! smokeypalette.jpg

If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I do a Tip & Trick with Beautistaa every Sunday. However, from now onwards, I will be giving product reviews every Sunday! So, keep an eye on Instagram as it will be announced there whenever the next Product Review is POSTED! 🙂


Today, as the title of the post already states, I will be reviewing the ZOEVA Eye-Shadow Palettes, which I bought approximately 1.5 months ago. I have used it a couple of times – also once for a YouTube Video – which gave me a better understanding of the product.

It comes with a hard-paper case, which can be removed by sliding it (left or right). Then, as you can see in the picture above, each palette has its own design. Moreover, its compact and sleek packaging makes it travel-friendly and solves storage issues. Personally, I would say that the one thing that this almost-perfect palette misses is a mirror.

Shades & Swatches


cocoablendbeautistaa caramelbeautistaa

Each palette includes 10 shades. These 10 shades are highly pigmented; however, as they are also easy to blend, it can take you some extra product to get the right intensity. In addition, these palettes always include one or more brow-bone highlighting shade(s).

The three palettes that I have: Smokey, Caramel Melange and Cocoa Blend, each have a mix of matte and shimmer shades, which makes them very appropriate to create many looks!

Watch: One Palette, Three Looks

However, I have noticed that all other palettes by ZOEVA (except if you go for the All Matte palettes) also include both shimmer and matte colors 🙂

Price-Quality Ratio

I feel that the palettes include all that we look for, except the mirror! However, the 10 shades palette sells for EUR 21.80, which is not particularly expensive.

cocoablendpaletteThe main thing is that the quality of the shades should be good, and here it is actually beyond ”good”. As said before, they are pigmented, easy to blend, and also contain Vitamin E. They are also without any Parabens (i.e. group of compounds used as preservatives) and Phthalates (a kind of acid).

Personally, I feel that what you pay for is what you get here: it is a very fair deal! 🙂


I would rate the ZOEVA Eye-Shadow Palettes with a 9/10, because it has everything a palette should have. The 10 shades are of good quality and due to high pigmentation the palette can be used for a long time.

Have you used the ZOEVA Eye Shadow Palette, if so –
What would you rate them?

Comment below! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Loooooove, Ankita


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