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One ZOEVA PALETTE – Three Looks!



Welcome back Beauties! Beautistaa from now on will be all about Fashion & Beauty 🙂 You might have noticed some differences on the website already.

I have added ”Tutorials” as a tab, which will give an overview of all the videos on Beautistaa’s YouTube Channel – Beautistaa – Moreover, every Monday & Thursday there will be a new Tutorial online! 

Without more delays, let’s get straight into today’s post 🙂 – At the end of this post there is a link to the full tutorial! 🙂 

A few weeks ago I bought the Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette and I instantly fell in love with it. Not only is the sleek packaging very travel-friendly, the shades blend perfectly and they are pigmented leaving a beautiful pop of color and/or shimmer on the eye-lids!

I tried using matte shades only, shimmer shades only and a mix of matte and shimmer, which allows me to show you three pretty eye-looks with this gorgeous palette.

Once you are done with the base, such as your primer, corrector (if needed), foundation, concealer and, lastly, your setting powder, it’s time to start with the eyes.

First things first: if you want your eye-shadow to pop and to remain on for a long time, never-ever forget to use an Eye-Primer

I used the Bobbi Brown – Long Lasting Eye Wear and then I set it in place with the Bobbi Brown – Eye Shadow in Banana.

Look 1 – Matte Peachy

Colors used: Alchemy, Start Soft and Aftertaste



Look 2 – Golden Bronze Shimmer

Colors used: Almost Burnt, 182 and Liquid Center



Look 3 – Pop Of Red

Colors used: Finish Sensual, After Taste and Edible Gem



For the brow bones don’t forget to add a highlighter. I used Wax Paper from the same palette, which works perfectly!


One ZOEVA Palette – Three Looks!

Love, Ankita



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