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Hi Beauties!

Are you ready for a favorites blog post? It has been a while, as my last monthly favorite was in December.

To make it up with all of you waiting patiently, I am giving a four months favorite, which means I will be mentioning products that I have been loving since January.

Fair deal right?  🙂

Without wasting any more time, let us just jump straight into it!

1. ALGENIST, Regenerative Ultra Rich Cream


This cream has saved my life – actually my skin. I thought that the hot weather of Singapore would be a treat for my skin, but it wasn’t. My skin got irritated because of humidity and some eczema/ dry spots appeared. Now, my original skincare routine wasn’t really working and I was wondering what to do… until a friend recommended me this cream, delivering instant results.

Get to know more about dry skin

Price: $94 (USD) for 60ml (2oz)
Product details

2. MAKE UP FOR EVER, Step 1 Skin Equalizer Radiant Primer


Make-up lovers, I am sure you know the feeling when you buy something (randomly) to try-out and it becomes your favorite! This primer gives me that feeling. It has a lot of ‘functions’:

  • Equalizes the skin;
  • Locks the moisturizer underneath;
  • Sticky texture, which helps to keep the base (foundations and concealer) in place for hours;
  • A little goes a long way.

When the above mentioned points can be found in one primer it has to be a favorite!

Price: $37 (USD) for 30ml (1oz)
Product details

3. NARS, Radiant Creamy Concealer (Biscuit & Ginger)


There was sooooo much buzz about this concealer by Nars that I had to try it out. Moreover, the word “creamy” easily attracted me due to my dry skin. I looooove creamy, waterbase, light products. So this concealer really is creamy and it provides good coverage – it is not heavy on the skin. I bought it in two colors – one for a more natural look and the other as an under-eye brightener.

Price: $30 (USD) for 6ml (0.22oz)
Product details

4. COVER FX, Custom Enhancer Drops (Sunlight)



This highlighter is just on another level! The glow, the finish and the texture are all things I personally looooove about it. I do have to mention that patience is required when blending it out with about the Beauty Blender and/or brushes. I use a combination of the tools.


How do I apply it:

  • 2-3 drops on the high points of my cheeks;
  • Take Bobbi Brown’s Full Coverage Face Brush to spread the drops on the area I want to highlight;
  • With the Beauty Blender bounce the products into the skin;
  • Some Setting Spray onto it and push it all in using the Beauty Blender once more.

It’s easy; yet, you need to really work it into the skin for that dewy and finished look.

I will be doing a highlighter only blog post or maybe a YouTube tutorial on various highlighters, their glow and so forth. Stay tuned!

Watch the glow of the Laura G. Gilded Honey Highlighter

Price: $42 (USD) for 15ml (0.5oz)
Product details

5. LAURA MERCIER, Second Skin Cheek Colour (Sweet Mandarin)


If you are looking for a pink-peach blush with a little shimmer in it, then this is the perfect one for you! It is amazing for the summer and really complements the highlighter and complexion. The more you blend it, the more natural it becomes, eventually turning into your natural cheek color. Moreover, the shimmer in this blush is very subtle, leaving a soft glow on the skin.

Price: $26 (USD) for 3.6g (0.13oz)
Product details

6. ZOEVA, Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette


Smooth, creamy, easy-to-blend and beautiful 10 shades. The Zoeva Palettes in general are great! This particular palette is my favorite as the matte and shimmer combination in one palette allows me to create various looks for different occasions. Be it day time make-up or night time, be it dramatic yet subtle: it can all be created with this one palette. Moreover, the caramel-like shades are suitable for many skin-tones. Also, it is very travel friendly due to the super sleek packaging. The only thing I feel is missing is a mirror, but then of course it wouldn’t be so sleek as it is now.

Subscribe to Beautistaa’s YouTube Channel! A look using this palette will be online later this week – DON’T MISS IT

Price: $26.50 (USD) for 15g (0.5oz)
Product details

7. LANCOME, Grandiose Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara


The beautiful bottle already makes you want to try the mascara. And then the wide-angle brush gives the lashes an ultra lift! Not only does it make the lashes look long, it also separates each and every lash-hair from each other – the ‘fan’ effect. I have long lashes myself; therefore, this mascara really provides that dramatic twist to my eyes. A real eye-opener! Personally, I only apply it to my upper-lashes, because I feel it seems a bit overdone for me when also applying on the lower-lashes. However, if you like that kind of effect, then definitely this mascara is the perfect choice.

Price: $32 (USD) for 10ml (0.35oz)
Product details

8. TARTE, Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner


I looooove 2-in-1 products – not only does it make life easier, it is also much more handy and easy for travel purposes. This eyeliner has two ends: the waterproof liquid and pencil liner. Once applied, it won’t move or smudge until you use a make-up remover liquid. The liquid liner is smooth, has a fine tip for accurate application and it is as black as you can imagine; whereas the pencil side is soft, silk feeling and easy to blend into various eye-makeup.

Price: $24 (USD) for liquid: 0.5ml (0.017oz) and pencil: 0.1g (0.004oz)
Product details


9. CHARLOTTE TILBURY (CT), Matte Revolution (Love Liberty) Lipstick


This range by CT is A M A Z I N G – it is matte but not at all dry. Very often I experience that matte lipsticks are super dry, which makes them very annoying. However, this range is soooooo creamy and hydrating on the lips, especially when applying a lip-balm underneath for a nicer finish! What I find very interesting about these lipsticks is their shape – they are very edgy and give the correct application onto the entire lip. Above all, I never have to reapply the shade: it sticks all day long and it blends perfectly!

Price: $34 (USD) for 3.5g (0.12oz)
Product details 

10. MISS DIOR, Absolutely Blooming


Looking for a sweet summer scent? The Blooming range varies from floral to berry and roses. All in all they are perfect for the summer days and nights! The bottles are adorable with a pretty bow and beautiful colored liquid.

There is not much to say about these Eau de Parfum sprays – we will all have our own preference, of course. However, the range does cover almost everything one could ask for.

Price: $74 (USD) for 30ml (1oz)
Product details


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe and check out Beautistaa’s YouTube Channelmany of the above mentioned products have been used in various videos! 

Have a beautiful day and weekend ahead!

Coming up:
YouTube Video & Blog Post on various Highlighters!



Loooooove, Ankita!



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