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S Y D N E Y – My Initial Impressions

My loooovely readers, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

If you have been following me on Snapchat (aankiitaa) or Instagram, you know that I recently visited S Y D N E Y, Australia. We – me and my husband – were considering to go to Sydney for a while; however, due to the long flight (8 hrs) from our current home – Singapore – it just seemed too far.

Then on one fine day, I was told to pack my bags and I was like WHAT, WHY, WHERE?! Dearest hubby surprised me with a trip to Australia and I thought it was totally worth it, as we would never come more close to this continent than we already were.


So, why not! 🙂

I was uber excited because (1) visiting Australia meant that we hit the 5th continent (and over 35+ cities around the globe) out of the six visitable continents (leaving out #7 Antartica) in less than 13 months of our married life (!) and (2) I finally could see Kangaroos and Koalas!


If you are a real explorer and want to see life’s utmost, you will understand my excitement level.

Now you know how spontaneously we got to Sydney, let’s get straight into my impressions of this city.

S Y D N E Y – My Initial Impressions

T H E   P E O P L E 

After spending the past 3.5 months in Singapore, Sydney was somewhat of a contrast. It had a European feeling, is very multicultural and, perhaps inevitably then, reminded me of my native Netherlands.

Overall, people are very friendly and I adore their accent – haha it’s a mix of the British and American accent, which we hear more often of course. Sydneyites are typically also very easygoing and open to a chat with total strangers like ourselves!

A R C H I T E C T U R E  &  P R O P E R T Y


Sydney looks very new and modern – again it has similarities with the UK, of course, due to their shared history. It is very European with bits and bites from the USA as well; however, what makes it different is its amazing Harbour – I will talk about it in a while.

What I understood when talking to the captain of our yacht and to many taxi-drivers, is that property in Sydney is very expensive. The reason is that outsiders (Asians and other wealthy people) buy property as an investment, which makes housing prices touch the sky!

If you have been to Los Angeles (LA), Rodeo Drive & Bel-Air, you know that what mansions and bungalows are. Yet, when you see the the properties along the Harbour, you will be AMAZED and forget all you saw in LA – it’s just unbelievably astonishing 🙂


The harbour of Sydney is unlike any other harbour of a big city. I haven’t seen any other harbour forming such an integral part in the daily-life of the citizens. The many ferries, the private yachts and just the bustle of the harbour is impressive!

I woud really recommend to rent a yacht or speed boat to get the real feel of Sydney’s relationship with water. Moreover, you will get to see the beautiful mansions from close by.


N I G H T – O U T / R E S T A U R A N T S

Darling Harbour is the place to be when looking for a nice vibe, great restaurants with beautiful views and some of the coolest bars and clubs!

Sydney being very multi-cultural means that there are various options when it comes to cuisines. From Australian to Indian and Chinese: there is everything for everyone.

To name a few great restaurants:
Waterfront Grill – Australian Grill (Darling Harbour)
Indu – Fusion Indian (City Centre)
Aqua Dining – Italian (North Sydney)
Searock Grill – Seafood & Grill (The Rocks)
… and many more.


T O U R I S T   A T T R A C T I O N S

It is great to visit Sydney’s many tourist attractions. Equally, I would really recommend walking, walking and walking. It is lots of fun and allows you to take in more of the local things and thereby get a real feel for the city. Both of us enjoy walking and just bumping into exciting and new stuff – at times that is so much nicer than the commercial/touristy things.

Anyhow, the tourist attractions I enjoyed the most are:

The zoos: they are amazing, especially because of the kangaroos and koalas! Moreover, you can get close to these cute animals – I will be doing a comparison blog post soon – comparing Taronga Zoo with Featherdale Wildlife Park!

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Opera House: this, of course, is one of Sydney’s signature landmarks showcasing striking architecture, and looks beautiful both from the land and sea. There are always plenty of theatre shows going on that are worth seeing.

Harbour Bridge: this bridge plays an important role for those traveling by car, connecting The Rocks (Sydney) to North Sydney. Moreover, it completes the view of Sydney together with the skyline and the Opera House.


Beaches: the beaches are a ‘not-to-miss’ attraction. Bondi Beach and Manly Beach are the most commercial beaches, surrounded by great restaurants and a lot of surfers!

The City Centre, which is open daily until 6pm, except on Thursday (9pm). The huge malls, such as the Westfield Mall and many more, are loaded with great designers. Personally, I loved the Australian designers, as it’s hard to find them elsewhere.

Then, there are the Botanical Gardens, Sydney Tower, and more of that kind.


Been? What is your favorite spot in Sydney?

Not been? Where would you like to go when you are in Sydney?

Have a beautiful Sunday! 🙂

Love, Ankita

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