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Dry Skin = High Maintenance

Hii beauties 🙂

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Today’s topic is skin care, with a focus on dry skin or dry patches.

There are five skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. The ideal skin type is of course normal and all others ask for much more care and patience.

My skin type is dry, which also makes it sensitive at times. In this post I will be talking about how to care for dry skin or dry patches on your skin, how to maintain a healthy-looking and feeling skin, and the dos and don’ts for this high maintenance skin-type.

First of all, how do you know if your skin type is dry or not? It is very obvious:

  1. If you can’t live without applying creams on your skin after a shower or after any kind of contact with water;
  2. If you see cracks/dryness in certain areas;
  3. If you have been diagnosed with Eczema;
  4. If it is itchy and irritating.

The crazy part of dry skin is that the visible dry patches are not permanent. Of course, you have to apply cream after a shower, but the cracks and extreme dryness depends on various things:

  • Weather (most common)
  • Creams used
  • Genes
  • Indoor heating
  • Long, hot baths and showers

Dry skin is one of the hardest skin-types to maintain, as it also gets very sensitive.

Let’s now jump straight into how to best maintain dry skin!

1. No soap

Don’t use soap on the dry areas, just don’t do it. Soap will make it feel all the more dry and irritated. Try to stick to lukewarm water and pat the area dry with a soft towel.

Alternative is, of course, to use mild and gentle soaps and cleansers for make-up removal (however, try to avoid completely or minimize cosmetics until your skin is repaired).

  1. Change creams

Dry skin needs some help in order to keep it hydrated and healthy-looking; therefore, hydrating creams are very important. I would suggest to either ask your dermatologist for the right moisturizer or to experiment yourself.

I do both. I first went to the dermatologist: he gave me a very good moisturizer; however, it stopped working for me after about 1.5 years. So, I went hunting for something else. Nivea Soft was my life-saver, but soon (6 months later) it wasn’t helping anymore.

Most recently I have started using Algenist & FAB and I am loooooving it. Therefore, it’s important to realize that you have to switch creams in order to keep your skin happy!


3. Patience 

With this skin type, patience is the most important element to a healthy skin! You have to give it time and good care. Good care means no make-up onto those areas, washing with lukewarm water only, applying creams regularly, and keeping it clean and cool.

4. Don’t scratch

I know, it is one of the hardest things NOT to do. Scratching and touching the dry areas will make it worse. I agree that scratching gives a sense of relief, but believe me: it is temporary and it will make your skin all the more irritated and bad-looking.

Whenever you feel like scratching of touching just for 5 seconds try to ignore and you will feel better already.

5. Avoid humidity and heat

The last thing that should be considered is to avoid long and hot showers, as the irritation level will rise due to more dryness. Humidity is another driver of dry skin, as is indoor heat. I wasn’t aware of this at first, but living in Singapore, where the indoor temperatures can get quite high, I started noticing dry areas.

Therefore, avoid heat and humidity – try to keep your body cool and away from too much heat.


All in all, dry skin asks for much more attention and care than other skin-types. I agree that they have their own concerns, yet maintaining it is relatively easier 🙂


 Do you have suggestions to share in order to keep your dry skin happy and healthy-looking? Please share in the comment box below, as you might help many!

Let me know if you want me to do a blog-post on another (your) skin-types… 

Thanks for reading and I hope you gained something from it 🙂

Love, Ankita



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