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Smart with Scents


So, you think you have tried everything to keep your perfume on for longer? Ha – I have been there:

Multiple Applications;
Wrist Rubbing;
Perfume Cloud.

Not working!


What you need to understand first is that how you store your pretty and fancy perfume bottles is one of the most important things to consider. Why?

Because if stored at a place where it’s hot – too much light and humidity – the components will break down and the scent will weaken, even start to smell nasty, and loose it’s quality.

Now you have placed the bottles at the correct place, let’s jump straight into the 5 ways to ensure the scent lasts longer, maybe even all day long! 🙂

Spray Smart

Don’t go overboard when spraying the perfume, you will unnecessarily waste it. Instead, spray it on the pulse points, as the warmth of your blood will amplify the scent. The pulse points are:

  • Behind the knees;
  • Bottom of your throat;
  • On your wrist;
  • Inside the elbow;
  • Behind the ear.

Remember: Don’r rub at any of the above-mentioned spots.
Never: Don’t ever spray on your hair, it will damage it.


Spray the perfume right after your shower and before getting dressed. I have noticed that once you have moisturized your body and then apply the scent, the skin really absorbs the liquid, which in turn helps to maintain it longer.

Moreover, when spraying on naked skin you prevent the fragrance from staining clothes and jewelry.


A short yet sticking blog post :p I hope you enjoyed reading it and I would loooove to know if it made your scent stick longer! 🙂

What is your current or all-time favorite perfume – comment below.

Want to know mine? Stay tuned: I will be sharing it in my monthly favorites soon!

Love, Ankita


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