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Venetian the Eastern Way!

Heyyylooo there, welcome to my blog 🙂 I hope you all have visited my new way of communicating and sharing with you: my YouTube Channel! 


Today, I will take you to the Las Vegas of Asia! Ooohhh yeahhh – it’s time to head to Macau!

Macau is a mini-version of the ever so famous Las Vegas. It has amazing shows; don’t make the mistake to miss the House of Dancing Water show – it’s astonishing. I have seen many shows in my life, but this is just on another level! 🙂

Ok, having said that, Macau is all about chilling, eating and gambling. The thousands of Chinese visiting this city fill the many casinos day and night. It’s maddening yet exciting to see the level of stress and joy, too.

Moreover, every big hotel, such as the Parisian, Venetian, Galaxy, Wynn and plenty more, are actually huge properties filled with everything you can think of, from luxury shops to restaurants, from huge casinos to kids activities, swimming pools and, just, everything!

Talking about boredom? Ha, way too far from you! There is plenty to do and the best part is there is a 55 minutes ferry service from Macau to Hong Kong, in case you want to have more of a city vibe.

Anyway, back to Macau 🙂 So, the Venetian and Parisian accommodations are very interesting: they are built to give you the feeling of Venice at the Venetian and of Paris at the Parisian, of course.

The architecture (including the mini Eiffel Tower at the Parisian), the music as soon as you walk into one of the properties, the activities (including the Gondola ride at the Venetian) and also the shopping experience changes as at the Venetian you will find Italian brands and at the Parisian the French collections.

It is a fascinating experience and it’s very well done.

For me, Italy has always been a place I want to explore more of and Venice, together with Rome, is among my favorite places in Europe. As I felt the Italian feeling at the Venetian, I really got inspired and thought of doing a Venetian look with a twist of the East!

Here I am, giving you my styling tips to achieve this particular look 🙂

beautistaavenii beautistaavenetian beautistaaveniit beautistaamacau beautistaa beautistaavenn beautistaaven

Venetian dressing is all about elegance, standing out yet remaining mysterious. To achieve these three elements in one look isn’t that difficult as it might seem at first.


Elegance is a factor that is never achieved with the outfit alone – it is more than that. It is the way you walk, the way you carry yourself. It’s confidence.

I chose to wear a long black dress, which from my knee downwards goes wider, giving me ample of space to take bigger steps when walking. Narrow dressing make it difficult to walk, which cuts out the elegant part from the bigger picture.

So, first of all, go with something you feel comfortable and confident in. Also, choose for an outfit that isn’t showing too much skin as elegance isn’t in being naked – lol, sorry for the exaggeration 🙂

Check out Fashion Meets Confidence for more interesting facts regarding dressing! 

Standing out

To emphasize my look, the black dress contained bright flowers on them. However, the way these flowers were spread out on the dress made the dress appear elegant and still stand out.

At times, it can get quite difficult to achieve elegance and still be distinctive at the same time; however, it’s not impossible.

The easier way is to wear a subtle outfit and to let your footwear do the screaming and shouting. As I chose to wear a long dress, the footwear didn’t really play a big role as you wouldn’t see it anyway.


Venice is known for its Masquerade Ball; however, I didn’t want to roam around in the Venetian wearing a mask to obtain the third element of this outfit, for obvious reasons – lol!

Therefore, I decided to just look mysterious in the way I obtained the above mentioned elements. I felt that because I was dressed in a certain way and my hair and make-up was natural, it did the trick.


Dress by Ted Baker

What do you think of this look? What would you do differently?

I would luuuuv to know, comment below 🙂

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Love, Ankita!

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