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3-in-1 Spring Hairstyles!

Heylooo Beauties! 🙂

There is super exciting news for all of you, which will be disclosed at the end of this post – don’t cheat 😛

The sun has started to shine more often, we feel like going outside to catch some Vitamin D and we are surrounded by more smiles. This can only mean one thing: Spring is knocking at our door!

Today, I will be showing you three separate hair styles, styles which you have definitely seen before, but the main purpose of this post it to combine the three for an effortless Spring.

What do I mean with combining?

We often get ready in a way that is hard to maintain during the entire day. For example, we start our day wearing heels; at the end of it, it becomes painful or simply annoying.

I personally have it with my hair styles: I head out with my hair loose and, slowly, as the day passes by my hair gets tied up. At the end of it, then, it’s all in a high bun – lol!

There we have it, I will be combining three hairstyles: from untied to an easy and messy bun. All the hairstyles are easy, fast, playful and require minimal accessories.

  1. We will start-off with the Front Puff – when we get ready, we want to look good and this definitely does not mean that we choose for convenience.
  2. Then there is the Curly Ponytail – at this stage you are convinced that the loose hair will make you feel way too hot and so you decide to put your hair in a ponytail, which still looks classy and playful.
  3. The final hair style, the Messy Bun, is all about comfort. You just want your hair to be out of the way so you are able to enjoy or focus on whatever you are doing.

Are you ready? Let’s jump straight into it!

Before doing any of these hairstyles, I would recommend to curl your hair – it gives your hair more body, structure and the three different styles will appear more playful.

Front Puff

What you need: Comb and bobby pins of personal preference.

Back comb the section of your hair you want to create the puff with and pin it up with either regular, black bobby pins or some fancy ones.

Front Puff

Curly Ponytail

What you need: Comb and hair tie.

With this style there are two options:

  1. Leave the pins that support the puff as they are and just tie your hair up in a pony tail, or
  2. Take out the pins, smoothen the puff part a little and, then, tie all your hair in a pony tail.

I choose to take the pins out as it (1) gives a more finished look and (2) it’s easier to maintain.

Curly Ponytail

Messy Bun

What you need: Comb, clutch and hairband (only if you prefer).

The last hairstyle is my personal favorite. I loooove to have my hair up in a bun: it’s casual yet elegant and it is a suuuuuuper easy hairstyle to maintain!

There are two options to achieve this bun: (1) either start from the pony tail you already had, roll the hair around it and secure it with a big hair clutch OR (2) start with loose hair, wrap it around a few things (depending on the length of your hair) and, again, secure it with a hair clutch.

For a glam detail, I added a hairband. It helps keeps the baby hairs in place! 🙂

Messy Bun

Want to see visuals of these three hairstyles?

Check out

Wooooop woooop. Beautistaa Blog will from now onwards be accompanied by Beautistaa YouTube touching various Fashion & Beauty topics!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Channel 🙂

Loooove, Ankita!


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