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Hong Kong at Night

Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Everyone following Beautistaa’s Instagram must be knowing that I visited Hong Kong (HK) recently 🙂

The first thing that I was amazed about, which I already saw from the plane, was definitely the skyscrapers – not their height but the quantity. OMG… Too much, but of course this city is accommodating nearly 7.5 million residents.

You can imagine (or not, if you have not been to HK) you are surrounded by a sea of Asians at one time. Living in Singapore, of course, I see a lot of them. But then HK was just on another level – it is maddening, yet funny too.

Another thing you will understand as soon as you arrive is the fact that many people wear these mouth caps. You might have also seen Chinese wear them in other countries. The reason is that the air in HK is quite polluted (to put it gently) –  maybe not so bad as in Beijing but still as an ‘outsider’ it’s not so pleasant to walk on the streets in the city.

So, after you have settled in with all the Chinese around you and you have kind off gotten used to the pollution, it’s time to focus on the beautiful things. The city has a nice vibe, it’s very modern, the people are kind and, as far as I have seen, it seems a safe city.

I have shared my first impressions, so let’s now move on to the main subject of this post, which is HONG KONG AT NIGHT.

The Peak

beautistaahk5.jpg beautistaahk1.jpg

On the first day, we had planned to go to The Peak in order to see beautiful 360 views of the city. Be aware, though, that the queues are extremely long. You need some patience here; however, it’s totally worth it. Moreover, there is this special tram that takes you up the mountain to a huge mall including restaurants and bars to keep you busy – meaning: you don’t only wait in the line for the view, there is a lot more to do up there.


beautistaahk4.jpg beautistaahk2.jpg

The next thing to do at night is, of course, to take one of the harbour cruises. There are plenty of options as the harbour of HK is famous for its beautiful surroundings! There are sunset cruises, pre-dinner cruises, dinner cruises and so forth. It is a nice way to enjoy the beauty of HK and to learn more about the city.

Night Out

Then there are numerous amazing restaurants and bars to enjoy during the evenings. If you are looking for a more hip, young and fun place, I would definitely recommend visiting the Lan Kwai Fong neighborhood, which includes of a many streets packed with restaurants, bars and lounges with high music, great food and a diverse, young crowd.


Also, there are plenty of restaurants that offer a more relaxed, cosy and lavish atmosphere. HK is bombarded with great Michelin Star restaurants, a number of which are located together at the Harbour City mall. Excellent dining options are also at the some of high-end hotels, such as Peninsula, Cordis and FS – recommended when looking for a more classy type of dinner.

Night Shopping

The amazing vibe continues throughout the night. So, if after dining you still feel like shopping, hit the huge malls, such as the Harbour City mall which is open until 10pm, giving shoppers more than enough time to shop until they drop.

At first, when I entered one of the largest malls, I thought I was in the wrong place. It was soooooooo crowded, as if a concert just finished – haha!

When talking about high-end shopping, the Chinese people come to my mind at first, as they shop at these luxurious boutiques as if it’s grocery shopping – lol! This is exactly what you will see in the huge malls.

Moreover, you can roam around the city, walk on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and enjoy the city vibe, city lights and surroundings, as there is lots to see and do!

Stay tuned for more of HK – A Day @ Ngong Ping Village!

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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Love, Ankita


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