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Good to Go to Goa!

Heeeeyloooo Explorers of the World,

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For us, February started with three destinations within India in 10 days! Today, I will be sharing our luxury stay in Goa 🙂 

Wandering on our private beach

Let’s start!

Goa: initially a perfect place for the Indians in India to enjoy the beaches. However, as Indian-Europeans we have seen plenty of beaches already. Therefore, the main reason for visiting is to enjoy the marvellous service provided at the luxurious resorts.

For us, Goa was a great relaxation spot, and much needed after New Delhi, as it gets extremely hectic due to family visits, terrible traffic and crazy shopping fever – lol!

You might be thinking, isn’t is boring to stay at the property the entire day… Haha, believe me, time just flies, as relaxation is just on another level 🙂


Day 1 – Sunset & Moonlight
The first day was all about getting familiar with the resort we were staying at – Grand Hyatt Goa. It’s a huge resort, including various activities to keep you occupied.

We spent some time on the beach and saw the sun setting. Afterwards, we took a quick dip in the outdoor pool with the beautiful moonlight shining down on us.

beautistaaingoa18.jpg beautistaaingoa21.jpg

All the meals were at the resort, as they have various restaurants and their main dining room is themed differently each day. This makes it very interesting and there is no need to search for food outside of the resort.

Then, a surprise was awaiting us in our room! A beautifully decorated room and a rose petal bath for two – Super Romantic! ❤ 


Day 2 – Explore Goa
For the second day, we had decided to explore bits of Goa, enjoy water sports, eat at the beach shanks and do some sightseeing. All of this is easily done in one day.

We hired a driver for the entire day who would take us from one place to another. Our first stop was the church, Basilica of Bom Jesus, which has been there since the Portuguese rule.

After some historical facts, it was time to head to the beach! I was excited to do some water sports and, as soon as we arrived, plenty of men (who probably provided the water sports activities) rushed to us to explain the various options.

But first, coconut time!


Me and my husband then decided to do parasailing together. Unfortunately, I only have a picture of us sitting in the boat (see below), which took us to the platform further in the sea from where we would do the activity. I didn’t carry my phone as I was way to scared to lose it!


Anyway, plenty of activities are available, such as jets ski, banana ride, speed boat and parasailing. Moreover, if you don’t like water sports, you can lie on the beachbed, enjoy the sun, get your hair braided or a temporary tattoo pained on your body, enjoy a drink with some snacks, let someone massage your feet or relish a citrus ice cream!

Then, don’t forget to miss out on the beach shanks. These are small hut-like eating joints on the beach with amazing Goan cuisine. The fish dishes are exceptionally tasty 🙂


Next stop: Panjim. Here we saw the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church – one of the oldest religious sites of Goa. It is beautifully perched on top of a hill in the city center.

The church captures your attention from afar and is very well maintained, especially its white color. It also gives a feeling of Santorini due to the white and bright blue color combination.

Our final spot for the day was the Goan Market, where you can find all sorts of crazy spices and other local specialties. Watch out: it is crowded and smells a little weird, but other than that definitely worth a visit (at least once) 🙂


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Day 3 – Full day in Heaven
A day which we entirely spent at the SPA. We had booked a 60min massage, which was soooooo relaxing that at the end of the massage I didn’t even feel my body – it felt like a feather.

Then we took a Steam bath, went to the Sauna and relaxed in the bubbles of our Jacuzzi. It was heaven on earth the entire day 🙂


Before we knew it, it was already 4pm and we headed for our afternoon high-tea. Delicious snacks and sweets were prepared with cups of tea and coffee to get us ready for our last dive in the pool.

After getting ready for our next destination, we had some drinks under the moonlight and headed for our last lavish meal before catching the flight.



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A special thanks to my lovely parents for this beautiful trip!
Love you Mama & Papa ❤


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