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1 Jumpsuit, 2 Styles

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Jumpsuits are effortless, classic and playful. Best of all, one can dress them up and down. There are no rules to wearing jumpsuits: they can be worn wherever and whenever. They can also suit all occasions, as it depends only on how one styles the entire look!


All outfit details are at the end.

I chose to wear this light mauve-greyish jumpsuit. What I liked most about it was the cold shoulder with the frill details and the high-neck. I feel that both these elements add a fashionable twist to the jumpsuit.

It is a ‘covered’ outfit, as it has long sleeves, 3/4 length and, as said before, a high-neck covering front and back. Due to its simplicity, it’s super easy to dress this jumpsuit up or down. If there is too much going on on the jumpsuit itself, any accessories lose their charm.

Tip 1: If you want your jumpsuit to be wearable at all times, choose for a simple yet stylish one, with subtle details.

With this one outfit, I created two styles. The first is an everyday look, whereas the second is enhanced with accessories. Moreover, these two looks together result in the ultimate day-to-night outfit with almost no effort!

Tip 2: Are you someone who is out from morning to late evening? Are you looking for easy ways to transform your day-look to a classy night-look? Get yourself a jumpsuit and you are half way already! 

As said before, a jumpsuit is very easy to dress up and/or down. Today I will show you how I do it. I will be starting with a day-look and, with some simple steps, I will turn it into a night (evening)-look.

From Day-Time Flats to Night-Time Heels



  1. Do your make-up as you normally would in the morning.

I went for a light smokey eye with mascara, some blush and a bright lip color (mixed: Huda Beauty’s Gossip Girl with Bobbi Brown’s Nude color). In the picture above you can see the three eye shades I used from the ABH Modern Renaissance Pallet. The Red circle = Cyprus Umber, which I focused on the outer V and half of my crease. Then, the Yellow circle = Warm Taupe, to blend the Cyprus Umber in my crease. Lastly, the Blue circle = Buon Fresco, which is a beautiful mauve-light-pinkish color for the 2/3 of the inner part of my eyes.

  1. Wear comfortable footwear.

I chose to wear flats with small details on them to avoid an overly sober look.

Tip 3: Try to go for ‘louder’ footwear to balance out the simplicity of the jumpsuit.

  1. A bag that works for you.

The reason why I went for a cross-body bag is because I love them for their comfort. Moreover, the black bag matched with my footwear as both have some golden details on them.

Tip 4: You can always add more accessories – it is a personal choice 🙂

jumpsuit11 jumpsuit13 jumpsuit12 jumpsuit14



Night (Evening)-Look

  1. Glitter-Up

To the eye make-up of my day-look I just added some glitter (color: vermeer) from the same pallet to give it a more evening-like look. For my lips, I went for Tom Ford’s Velvet Violet (#16) to make my lips look a little bolder – just enough for the evening.

Tip 5: Always, always, alwayssss carry a darker shade with you, as at times that is enough to get yourself ready within seconds.

  1. Heels

Of course, heels make you look taller, but they also allow you to walk with more elegance. I added a pair of heels to my jumpsuit in the evening to transform the outfit into a graceful evening-look.

Tip 6: Just changing from flats to heels make you appear more elegant.

  1. Clutch

You can continue to wear the cross-body bag; however, to give it a more elegant look a clutch is recommended. My personal choice is often to go for a bigger clutch in which you can, at least, put your phone, a lip shade, lipbalm, hair ties and more of the little touch-up stuff 🙂

Tip 7: There is a reason why clutches are called evening bags – fitting nicely with other evening accessories – giving you a more classy and elegant look. Perfection is easier to reach then you might think!

jumpsuit2 jumpsuit1



Jumpsuit Asos, Cross-body Kate Spade, Flats Valentino, Clutch YSL, Heels Burberry

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment below – which is your favorite look: day or night?

See you all soon 🙂

Love, Ankita





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