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Valentine’s Day – Complete Look


Hi Beautistaa – have you already decided what your Valentine’s Look will be? On the Instagram page I asked which of the two – Elegant & Edgy or Soft & Sexy – you want to see and clearly the majority chose for Soft & Sexy!

Thus, here I am showcasing B E A U T I S T A A’s Soft & Sexy Valentine’s Day Look from head to toe 🙂

beautistaa10 beautistaa9 beautistaa1 beautistaa3 beautistaaback

The D R E S S
I chose to go with a mini pink lace dress. The short length and lace give a sexy look, whereas the pink color still makes the entire outfit appear soft. Moreover, I feel that the red with Valentine’s Day has become boring and so pink is the so-called “new red” this season!

The B U N
Also, the bun adds a classic twist to this look and makes the earrings stand out. I simply curled my hair to add definition and structure, then tied it in a high bun and, lastly, sprayed some hair-spray to keep the baby-hairs in place.

The A C C E S S O R I E S
To give my soft and sexy look some glam, I wore bangles, a watch and earrings. The bangles and watch are simple yet it completes the outfit, whereas the earrings pull together the bun and make-up.

The M A K E – U P
I kept my make-up base minimal, just like in the Minimalistic Post; however, I went a little heavy and sparkly on my eyes and a bright pink lip-shade for my lips to make my face appear fresh.

The F O O T W E A R
These Valentino flats with studded bows not only complete the entire look and keep it soft, it also helps to balance out the short length of the dress: if I wore high heels, the entire look would appear more sexy than soft, whereas with flats the softness I was looking for still remains. Moreover, the studded bow gives a festive touch 🙂








H A P P Y  V A L E N T I N E ‘S  D A Y ❤

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Have a lovely day with the love of your life or just make it a reason to celebrate life!

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Love, Ankita


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