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Our B U C K E T List ’17!

Hi Traveler, have you already set-up a bucket list for this new year?

2016 has been a super amazing, fantastic and great year for us – many events took place, some of which were easy to handle and others uncontrollable; however, each provided its own excitement! All in all, we enjoyed each and every moment as it came to us 🙂

But now, a new year has started. There are new plans, new challenges, new experiences and, of course, new opportunities awaiting us!

I thought of sharing our 2017 Bucket List, which consists of places we want to visit this year, things we want to do/see and, inevitably, the adrenaline-increasing activities, if you know what I mean 😉

A little background…

I always had my own Bucket List. I enjoy doing crazy stuff, such as:

  • Bridge Jump (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Beautistaa, Bratislava, Bridgejump.jpg
  • Allowing an elephant to tap on my buttocks and walk over me at the zoo in Phuket, Thailand (I can’t find a picture/video, but stay with me – as soon as I find it – I will be posting it on Instagram – so follow the page!!)
  • Parasailing in Phuket and Pattaya, Thailand (photo below)
Beautistaa, Thailand, Parasailing.jpg
  • Feeding a tiger (you don’t want to see that picture, as I wasn’t looking my best – teenager look issues – lol)

I have done all kinds of crazy things and always had a concerned (maybe a little angry) dad, who just couldn’t understand my level of guts 🙂 However, I just looooooooved it all heart-eyes

Anyway, my personal Bucket List got a little too extreme… And before it could get any crazier, I met the love of my life. So, we decided to make a new one, as we both enjoy new challenges and want to live life to the utmost.

We started a bucket list nearly three years ago, which was very exciting and, surprisingly, super easy as we could let our imagination flow. We have checked many items on it, such as a First Class Private Hot Air Balloon during sunset, the African Wildlife Safari in KNP, visiting Disneyland Paris, taking Dance Classes together, standing tall next to the Hollywood sign in LA and much more!

All said and done, let’s get to what we are here for…


1. Scuba Diving

I have had opportunities to dive at some of the world’s most beautiful places, such as Malta, the Seychelles (both of us) and Turkey. However, I am soooo afraid! (I think it’s the only thing I am afraid of besides, of course, those insects, spiders and all.)

It might sound silly, because I love water and I have done competitive swimming, too… Moreover, I would love to see marine life and swim with fishes. (I have done swimming – though not diving! – with sharks and dolphins, so don’t ask me how this fear is to be justified, lol.)

2. Attend a Masquerade Ball 

3. Visit Singapore – DONE 

I had been to Singapore before, but I always wanted to visit Singapore together with my husband. However, sometimes life comes with amazing surprises, better than one can think of. So, instead of just visiting Singapore, we got the opportunity to LIVE in Singapore!

4. Swimming at the Infinity Pool of Marina Bay Sands

5. Attend the French Cabaret – Le Lido @ Paris

Le Lido is known for its exotic shows that include dancing, singing and much more. Both of us have been to Paris plenty of times; however, we never got the opportunity to see this show!

6. Swim with Dolphins – DONE

2017 is about to enter its second month and we have already checked a few things off our Bucket List – isn’t that awesome?! You know what’s really awesome?

Two Dolphins pushing at the palm of your foot with their beak – Dolphin’s mouth – through the water! That was great fun. Moreover, you could dance, hug and play with the dolphins at the Sentosa Dolphin Island.

7. Fly a plane

8. Jump from a cliff into the sea

This activity takes me back to my Bridge Jump. This time, on the other hand, no strings attached! Plus I will not be alone: we will jump into the sea together 🙂

9. Fire a Gun

10. Learn writing Hindi – On it! 

We have started learning Hindi together, as we can speak the language already – we focus on writing and reading. We believe that an additional skill is always handy and fun 🙂

11. Horse-riding on the beach

I used to do horse-riding when I was younger. However, after falling once, there has always been a certain fear to get back on it. Solely to overcome this fear, I want to ride a horse. And what could be more romantic than ridding a horse on the beach together!

12. Old-style Japanese Dining 

13. Hold various Birds (especially Parrot) – DONE

Recently, we went to Kanching and the Bird Park (both in Malaysia) and we got the opportunity to hold various birds. It was scary at first, as it seems like the claws might get into your skin but, of course, it’s all just in your head. However, they are heavier than we thought!

Posts regarding Malaysia are coming online soon – don’t forget to subscribe to the blog!

14. Wearing snake around your neck 

15. Visit Blue Lagoon

We love water, we love swimming and we love to visit new places – Blue Lagoon it is! Hot water springs are just amazing.

I have been to one in Switzerland, which was good fun and super relaxing. With the Blue Lagoon we want to go to the next level 🙂

Do you have a Bucket List? If so, what are the top 3 items on your list?

Curious to know, please comment below!

I hope you enjoyed reading ours 🙂

Love, Ankita






3 thoughts on “Our B U C K E T List ’17! Leave a comment

  1. That’s one awesome bucket list!!! Especially ‘Flying a plane’. I’m gonna think about my bucket list now lol! It’s always so much fun to read what you’ve done in your life, still are doing and visited so many places.



  2. Flying a plane is something my dearest husband wants to do, but indeed a great one! Haha, yaaa u should – it’s actually a way to say yes to adventures and try new things.

    Thanks for appreciating and liking it 💋💓


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