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My Minimalistic Make-Up Look

Hi lovely reader, thanks for stopping by!

Today, the Beautistaa Plan actually told me to post about my travel bag, which I had also mentioned in my previous post. However, as I have the power in my own hands, I just felt like doing a Beauty post instead 🙂

We all have those lazy days where we don’t want to pay a lot of attention to our make-up, or we simply like to have a easy day-to-day make-up routine, right? So, here I am with My Minimalistic Make-Up Look – perfect for a lazy day!

Personally, especially nowadays here in Singapore having to deal with a lot of sunshine, humidity and sweat, I don’t wear make-up every day. I loooove it when my skin is clean, well-moisturized and can breathe properly.

However, I enjoy adding some color and definition. Therefore, I use make-up, but keep it minimalistic.


Prepping the Skin

First things first, we want to have a clean face to start with. For this, I use the Garnier – Pure Active 3 in 1, Complete Purification. I use this all over my face, including lips, in circular motions for approx. two minutes. Then, I wash it off with cold or lukewarm water and pat it dry.

Next, I use the Clarins – Daily Energizer Cream, which is perfect for skins in their 20s. It not only moisturizes the skin but also works as a great base on which to start applying make-up.


Please do not forget your lips – as you all know by now, I am in loooooove with the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss lip balm!

5  S T E P S  to  G L A M

I always start with the eyes, because that is the main area of focus and it takes most of my time when I do my minimalistic look.

Step 1 – Correct
by Bobbi Brown

Step 1 corrector bobbi brown.png
Apply the corrector –in a patting motion with your ring finger – close to your under-lash line.

I use a corrector (only the apricot color) to neutralize the blue tones in my face, such as a dark under-eye area or visible veins. Moreover, the apricot color warms up olive and yellow skin tones.

For this specific look, I won’t advise using any other correcting colors (green, yellow, lavender), as we won’t be applying foundation in this look 🙂

Step 2 – Conceal
by Nars

Step 2 concealer.jpg
The orange rectangles show you where to apply the concealer – again, with a patting motion.

I recently bought the Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars and absolutely adore the formula. However, I use the color Biscuit, which is closest to my skin color for a natural look rather than highlighting the area under my eyes.






Step 3 – Eye Shadow & Mascara
by Chanel & Clinique

Step 3 eye shadow chanel.jpg
Add a little shimmer on your eye lid and some mascara to complete it.

The third step is to apply eye-shadow of a natural color with, if you like, a little shimmer. I applied the cool-tone, ombre shade all over my eye-lid.

To complete and make my eyes look bigger, I just added some mascara!

Step 4 – Blush
by Tarte

Step 4 blush tarte.jpg
The green circles are the blush area.

Steps 4 and 5 are all about adding color to your face. I used a mix of mod and concept from the Colored Blush Wheel by Tarte and very lightly applied it onto my cheeks.

Don’t go too heavy with the blush and try to create a nice ‘real blush’ color on your cheeks for that natural look.

Step 5 – Lips
by Huda Beauty

Step 5 lipcolor hudabeauty.jpg
Lip shades, of course, on the lips 🙂

To pull the entire look together, I applied Trophy Wife by Huda Beauty.

For me, it’s two shades brighter than my natural lip color, which makes it the perfect shade for me.

I would recommend not to go bold; rather, choose for a shade that compliments the entire look.

My Final Minimalistic Look 🙂


pic4 pic5


Let me know what you think of the look – comment below 🙂

See you soon Beauties!

Love, Ankita


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