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Travel in S T Y L E

Hi there Beautiful! 🙂

A big welcome if you are reading my blog for the first time and a big thank you if you have come back to read more!  I really appreciate it.

I was brainstorming about what I should write about for my upcoming posts… If you have suggestions of something you would like me to talk about – within travel, fashion and beauty – please comment below and I will be very happy to do so!

I have been traveling like crazy for over two years already and there are many plans for the near future, which will continue fueling this blog for a long while. I am not complaining – lol – I am loving it 🙂

So, I thought of sharing one of my recent travel looks. It’s all about comfort, yet maintaining style. Moreover, at the end of this post is my second Story of Success: two lovely ladies who also absolutely loooooove to travel but do so in comfort and style. Want to know more?

Let’s get right into it!

Are you guys ready…


Just flipping my hair… And…

R E A D Y ! 🙂

Okready!.jpg fulllength.jpg

I chose to go with a maroon dress by my all time favorite Karen Millen and matched it with nude-colored heels and a backpack, both by Charles & Keith.

The dress is very comfortable due to the stretchy material it’s made of. Moreover, it is a fabric of only medium thickness, which allows the dress to stay in place rather than follow the wind. There are also pockets on the side – super handy to quickly get rid of your phone or some coins.

Another plus point is that it has half sleeves – I really prefer either half or full sleeves while traveling as it gives a more dressed-up look. Lastly, the buttons on the front add a stylish detail to the dress 🙂

closeups.jpg front.jpg uptodown.jpg hellothere.jpg

Then we have the footwear, which are all about the tiny details. The 3D flowers and the combination of suede, leather and net fabric really complement the dress. When adding heels to your outfit, you will feel that you walk more tall which gives a very confident look.

Apart from the footwear being stylish, they are very comfortable. Important, since especially when you are traveling, you don’t want your toes and/or feet to hurt.

footwear.jpg walking.jpg shoeandbag.jpg

Lastly, we have the backpack which I am head over heels about! I always thought that carrying a backpack is absolutely not fashionable until I started seeing so many pretty backpack options.

I chose to match it with my heels and I totally love it! This leather backpack is very spacious, simple and stylish. Moreover, it can be worn in two ways, either as a normal backpack on your back or you can re-adjust the handles and wear it on the side.

Traveling with a backpack leaves your hands totally free (although you may have one hand occupied strolling the trolley you are probably traveling with). Unlike the handbag on you underarm that is continuously either hitting things or hurting, a backpack doesn’t come in the way. However, you just have to remember you take a little more space…

backpack.jpg sideway.jpg shoenbag.jpg details.jpg letsgo.jpg


I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

What is your favorite look to travel in? Share it below!
And if you also enjoy traveling with a backpack, tag Beautistaa in those photos or send it to – I would looooove to see it. Who knows, I might feature it on Instagram, too 🙂

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A Short Story of Success

This is my second story. Want to know the first? Check: Bounce your Hair! As you have read above, I love traveling with a stylish backpack and I am not the only one 🙂

Nawi and Niharika, two super sweet ladies, recently added the backpack to their collection and, especially for traveling, they really find it soooo handy!

To start with, Nawi always seeks comfort and knows exactly how to style herself for a confident and smart look.


One of the best things of backpacks is that you can put it on during your journey as well as when roaming about and exploring a new place, which is what Nawi often does (as you can see!).

Her backpack by Nine West is simple, black with cute stitch details which makes it look fashionable! It leaves her with one unoccupied hand in which she can carry her book or passport easily 🙂



Next, there is Niharika! I always see her walk and talk with confidence and politeness. She knows how to carry herself and wears the latest trends – there we have her, traveling in her beautiful black Valentino backpack!


Like Nawi, she chooses comfort above all! With her navy dress, which has pockets and long sleeves, she goes with the trend and simplifies her look by wearing flats. Isn’t it cute?


Thank you all for reading the Story of Success 🙂
A special thanks to Nawi & Niharika

Love, Ankita

*Each individual in this post has approved to the writer of Beautistaa, Ankita Anand, their photos and commentary, before this post went online.*


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