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Say Singapore!

Welcome back to B E A U T I S T A A by Ankita Anand – it’s great to have you! 🙂

Today, it will be all about S I N G A P O R E – me and my husband have been here for almost two weeks and we have seen and done A  L O T already.

To start off, the weather has been a huge factor to adjust to. It’s hot and humid, which at times makes it unbearable. Therefore, mornings are mostly spent indoors and, after around 3 or 4 pm, we go out to enjoy more of Singapore’s beauty!

Other than that, Singapore is clean, safe and very well-organized – sometimes a little too much, LOL 🙂

I remember coming to Singapore a long time back for a couple of days. In my mind, I had that picture of ‘there is not much to do’ here; however it’s different now. Why? It’s very logical, because when you visit a country for a vacation (a few days) you want to do all the ‘must visit’ stuff, i.e. visiting the highlights, the main parts.

However, for us, as we are staying here for a couple of months, we dig deeper – suddenly there is so much more to explore and to see. Just a few things we have noticed: Chinese New Year, the massive Fashion event (Fashion Steps Out at Orchard), the scale of Sentosa Island, the various parks and much more!

Of course, Singapore isn’t that big and we can spread it out easily and combine it with traveling to more countries and cities in Asia 🙂

Anyway, let’s start with some of the things we have already check-marked on our ‘to visit/to do’ list!

The Unmissable Malls

They are huge and very well maintained. There are exclusive malls, such as The Shoppes at Marina Bay, but you also have the ‘regular’ malls, which are great to spend time in rather than roaming around in the hot air outside.

The Shoppes.jpg

Marinabay.jpg 16106816_1202163496499464_456195930_o.jpg

Chinese New Year (CNY) – Preparations 

Everyone is preparing for the CNY – the year of the Rooster, which starts on January 28! All the shops are carrying red outfits, everything is dressed up with red decorations and we saw the opening ceremony (parade) of CNY celebrations in Chinatown.




Streets and Structures of Singapore – Day Time

The clean streets of Singapore are unbelievable!  It makes everything so much more beautiful and allows you to focus on the prettier things, such as palm trees and white buildings! I would suggest to not roam around between 12-2 pm as then the sun is at its highest point, making it less pleasant to be outside.






Little India

I didn’t expect it to be a copy of India to this extent, except for the cleanliness – haha! I really felt that I was at the GK-Market (local indian market) in Delhi. Moreover, the songs playing in the various stores, the employees – everything was just alike!

We enjoyed it, though; had Indian street food, visited some temples, had a delicious North-Indian dinner and explored the enormous Mustafa Centre before heading back home.



The Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden (together with its neighbor, the Japanese Garden) is a beautiful and easy to walk through garden located at the west side of Singapore. The park starts with a towering Pagoda and the so-called Heroes of China, such as Mulan! 🙂 Then there is an area with all the 12 Chinese Zodiacs – besides it being pretty, it’s also very peaceful. Also, a part of the park in filled with Bonsai trees – adorable!

It’s easily doable in 2 hours and then the Japanese Garden is accessible by a bridge.





Singapore at night

Besides the more pleasant weather for a nice walk around Marina Bay, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy the nightlife. We visited one of the most exclusive place, 1-Altitude, with breath-taking views of Singapore!






Sentosa Island – Adventure Cove

Our first visit to this island made us realize that it contains a looooooooot of activities, such as: Universal Studios, Water Parks, Aquarium, Beaches and much, much more! However, with our first visit we spend a day at the Adventure Cove, which is a water park. Besides visiting the various rides, our highlight was swimming with dolphins! It was probably THE BEST activity we have done until now in Singapore.




Have you been to Singapore? If so, what is your favorite spot here? Let me know by commenting below 🙂

Thanks again for reading and see you very soon!

Love, Ankita


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  1. Thanks for the compliment on our little red dot.
    Yes things have changed indeed over the years as the city geared up to meet the recreational needs of citizens and visitors. Happy you enjoyed it!


  2. Hi Mel & Suan 🙂 Oh definitely, I have always loved Singapore – it has a positive vibe and charm – I just looooove it! Thanks for reading, however this was just a short teaser – a lot more coming about Singapore 🙂 Hope to see you back. MuchlOve!

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