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My ‘Wake-Up’ & ‘Go-to-Bed’ Routine

In some parts of the world, a beautiful morning has started, whereas in other parts it’s already time to say goodnight. Anyway, wherever you are, thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

In the first part of this post, I will be telling you all about my morning routine. This will be followed by my night routine. Together, they provide a full, in-depth and step-by-step guide on beauty tips, skin care and much more.

If you have any question, please feel free to either ask it in the comment box below or you can email me at Let’s get started, Beauties!


W A K E  –  U P     Time to rise and shine 🙂

For many, mornings are not the favorite part of the day, especially early mornings. Do you also keep snoozing your alarm? Just five more minutes… Maybe one more… LATE!

Exactly those few extra minutes in bed might not be that nice when, afterwards, you have to rush, don’t have time for breakfast and have an all together ‘bad’ start of the day.

To start off, it is very important to wake-up fresh, willing to step out of bed and looking forward to start another beautiful day!

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 13.48.56.png

First of all, try to sleep ‘on time’. I have talked about sleeping hours in the Commit to FIT post – check it out as it might help you. An idea that goes with this is: set your alarm-tune to a nice and soft song/music – on a minimum volume, because in the morning your ears are very sensitive.

I personally listen to a religious song, which is very soft-spoken with gentle music – perfect for the morning. However, you can choose anything. It can also be the sounds of the sea, for example.

Wake-up with a positive thought. This can be very simple, such as thinking of good things, being grateful, maybe a short prayer or just a positive quote 🙂 There is no harm to it – it just makes you feel better and, most importantly, helps you focus on the positive things.

What I do is put on soft music until I am ready for the fifth step.

Once I am awake and have switched my preferred sound on, I sit up in bed (eyes closed) and give my scalp a quick and gentle massage. It awakens my brains and also has the side benefit of promoting hair growth!

It’s time for some stretching! When I have enough time, I do the Sun Salutation (Suriya Namaskar), which looks a bit like this:


This not only stretches your entire body, it also resets your breathing and provides a quick workout.

In case I have less time, I quickly do some stretching exercises for my neck, back, arms, and full legs. (If you want a separate post on this, let me know!) However, I prefer doing the Suriya Namaskar, as it really wakes-up my body and my mind 🙂

Take a moment to rest and have some lukewarm water either with or without lemon drops. I really dislike lemon in my water, but sometimes I just try to drink at least a few sips of it, followed by regular water to make the lemon taste disappear – haha!

I then turn the relaxing sound off and head to the bathroom.

Now, you can either turn on some of your favorite songs or just keep it quiet (maybe others are still sleeping?). I like it quiet in the mornings. I start with brushing my teeth followed by dental floss before I step into the shower. Recently, I have started using cold water when having a quick shower in the mornings. I have noticed that cold water really leaves my skin super soft!

I don’t shower too long in the morning, as I have a long shower at night (you will hear more about this in the second part). Moreover, often there is not much time and, due to the cold water, it’s just not that pleasant! 🙂

As mentioned in the post My Relaxation, I have dry skin, so for me a moisturizing cream after a shower is essential. In my home town – Amsterdam – and all the months I stayed in the United States, I had been using the Body Shop Body Butter. However, as I have moved to Singapore recently, Body Butter is way too moisturizing in this tropical climate. Instead, I use Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream, which works better.

For my face, I use the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream and, for my lips, you guys know it by know: the one and only Brazilian Kiss by Sol de Janeiro.

Next, it’s time for clothes. This is easy peasy, as the night before I take my time to put together a nice and complete outfit, together with accessories.

My final step is to have breakfast before leaving home. For breakfast, I either have oats, or something like Weetabix with milk and, not to forget, nuts and seeds! 🙂 Moreover, I try to have some fruits in the morning, too, but this really depends on how much time I have left; otherwise, I just take an apple, orange or banana for on the way.

I also try not to use my phone (or any social media!) in my entire morning routine, as it’s very distracting and you lose time. Instead, I use it only after having my breakfast. After all, during during breakfast my ‘to-do’ list takes shape, which covers all the tasks I want to focus on.

B E D  T I M E       Goodnight and sleep tight 🙂

Did you have difficulties getting up in the morning? If yes, did you promise yourself to sleep early tonight in order to wake-up fresh tomorrow? Tonight, you have another opportunity to do it better!

Evenings are fun, especially after a long work or school day… Finally, some time to watch favorite TV series or, perhaps, a reality show. However, a good night routine is essential to sleep well.

This second part, as mentioned before, will be all about my go-to-bed routine 🙂

So, are you ready?

In the morning, I take a quick and cold shower. In contrast, at night, I prefer them long and warm (not hot). I mostly put on my favorite sing-along song, tie my hair in a bun and step into the showerI take my time to scrub my body gently in circular motions (twice a week) or I use a shower gel and body sponge. Then, I use a Pumice stone to clean the soles of my feet. After a while enjoying the water, I step out and dry myself.

I wrap myself in my giant towel and start brushing my teeth. I don’t wash my face in the shower; of course, it gets a little wet, but once out of the shower I just use a face scrub and get rid of my make-up and any face dirt. After massaging my face with my finger tips, I wash everything away and pat it dry. I don’t have any favorite face scrub and keep changing it. Can you suggest one?

If I feel that there is still some eye make-up left, I use cotton with the Bobbi Brown cleaning oil and go over my entire face just once. Then, I wash my face with lukewarm water and pat it dry again.

Once a week I like using a face pack, so after brushing I either put on a face pack and wait for it to dry while enjoying the music, or I go with the face cleaning method straight away.

My favorite step is to royally moisturize my body, especially after a shower and before going to bed. As mentioned in the first part, my morning routine, I normally use the Body Shop Body Butter. However, now living in Singapore, the Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream is better for me. I also use this cream on my face, although only very lightly.

After having massaged the cream on my skin, I start putting a thick layer of the Brazilian Kiss Balm by Sol de Janeiro on my lips.

While the cream is being absorbed by my skin, I start putting together my outfit for the next day – this will save so much time in the morning! Once done, I put on my nightwear and lie underneath my blanket with a glass of water on my night table.

The fifth step is a scalp massage. It feels so good, especially after a long day 🙂 I either do it myself or ask my husband to do so. It’s heaven and makes you feel relaxed.

Next, I take coconut oil or the Body Butter and start applying and massaging it onto my feet. This really is my secret for soft and well-maintained feet. It’s just extra care of a body part we often forget about!

Do you have issues growing your nails due to their weakness? Herôme Nail Hardener is a wonder product: it strengthens the nails, which allows them to grow long. The trick is to not put your hands in water for a few hours after applying it, so that’s why I have incorporated this step into my night routine. I have been using it, on and off, for years, whenever I feel I need to strengthen them!

To give my nails some time to dry and to fall asleep easily, I enjoy reading a book. My eyes get heavy when reading in bed, which allows me to sleep after a chapter or two 🙂

I love reading either thriller stories or focus more on self-development/educational books. Recently, I read The Mastery Of Love by D. Miguel Ruiz which I would really recommend – it’s my current favorite! It talks in-depth about happiness and love from within you.

I have also just finished reading a thriller: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. Currently I am reading Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson, which is a thriller as well – both books are page turners!

After reading, I sip some water, switch-off the lights, apply some more lip balm (if needed) and end the day by setting my alarm for the next morning 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading!

If you have suggestions, questions or something to share, please do so – I would love it.

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Love, Ankita



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