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Pretty in DENIM !


Beautiesssss! Did you have a great start of this new year, 2017? I had actually planned this post for January 3rd; however, due to a lot happening, I just couldn’t squeeze it in!

One of the most interesting developments for me was that J.Lor & Company, a Luxury Travel Consultant, asked me to write for their website – a travel blog. It was an honor for me, given Beautistaa has been live for just a little over three months…

To see the posts written by me, please visit: J.Lor & Company 


I started my 2017 with new resolutions in a new city with new challenges and experiences. If you have been following me on Instagram, you know what I am talking about.

SINGAPORE it is, beauties. For the coming four months I will be blogging from here and various other places in Asia – are you ready? 🙂

So, what do we have today? Today, it will be all about DENIM. Late December 2016 I made a trip to Brussels with my cousins, which was soooo much FUN. As they all have been so supportive, I thought to shoot a Fashion post with them.

Lets get straight into it…


Why did I choose denim? It’s easy to style, almost everyone wears it, it’s comfortable and – the main reason – denim is perfect for each and every figure: just style it accordingly.

All my models – my cousins 😉 – have very different figures, which makes it all the more interesting to show you that everyone can be pretty in DENIM!!


My first two models are the super fashionable sisters: Anchel & Simren.

Figure: slim, long legs, flat stomach, light build and a nice height! 


Anchel (left) went for a white top with Nike-logo, with a denim jacket by H&M and Adidas sneakers. This casual and comfortable outfit got a fashionable element, as she wore her Berska jeans with one bare knee.

Simren (right) went for more or less the same fashion items. However, by just choosing a different top – the white-collar top by Berska – her entire look became more neat and less casual (compared to Anchel’s outfit). Brands: Jeans by Pull & Bear and Jacket by Monki.


Me (in between Anchel & Simren): long sweater by Superstar, denim by Levi’s and footwear by Prada.
Denim details
A genuine smile completes it all! 


The third model is Anouk, the youngest amongst us.

Figure: she is petite and still in her growth phase, but has started to develop curves and knows how to dress. 

Anouk on the right side

Anouk’s jean by Superstar, sweater by Zara and Guess sneakers make her outfit perfect for a casual day! In the picture below you can see a close-up of her smart sweater, which has tiny holes, giving her entire look a fashionable twist. 🙂

anouk (1).jpg


My fourth model is Tanvi!

Figure: she is petite, jokes about not having an ass, yet has shaped legs and arms! 

Poserinaaa in her Dungaree

Due to her figure, she went for a dungaree by River Island with a white high-neck top by T. Cohen and black Burberry short boots to complete the look! The slightly wide-leg dungaree is perfect for her. It doesn’t emphasize her bum, but rather moves the focus to her upper body – her bum, then, perfectly complements her body 🙂

A sexy way of carrying the look


The fifth model is Nawi, who is very sensible. She goes to the gym religiously and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Figure: Nawi has always been a chubby baby, leaving her with a heavy build. However, she dresses accordingly and, together with a good height, she has a pretty face! 


Nawi styled her outfit very smartly! She wore a denim shirt, unbuttoned on top of her white Levi’s top, which made her build more subtle. She also combined her tops with darker jeans by River Island to make her legs look slimmer. Finally, to complete the look, she wore Converse sneakers, giving her entire outfit a mischievous look!  🙂

Nawi’s long coat by United Colors of Benetton make her look smart! 
Nwi (1).jpg
Pretty face
WhatsApp Image 2017-01-06 at 19.43.11.jpeg
Folding your jeans a little, gives a fashionable detail, especially when wearing sneakers with it 🙂



My sixth model is the eldest of all of us and probably the most maintained, Shashi! We always tease her for being short, yet really admire her young-looking skin and kindness 🙂 Figure: short, strong in her arms & legs and very light curves (no bum, no thighs).


Shashi wore a mid-length Forever 21 denim skirt to make her bottom part look heavier. This fashionable skirt has pockets and short frills which make it appear playful, especially when combining it with sneakers by Adidas. To match the theme of the shoot, she wore a loose white top from Beep. 

Denim & White details
Sneaker club!


The last, seventh, model is Kanika.

Figure: Kanika has a slim upper body, which makes her appear fit. The only part she is concerned about are her thighs, which are heavier than she likes them to be.

It’s all about standing in the right way, with your best angle facing the camera!

As visible in the photo above, she managed very well to make her legs look slimmer by wearing a dark shade of suede tights by Superstar. These are perfectly matched with a much lighter H&M denim top to emphasize her upper body more!  To take comfort a level higher, she wore All Star – Converse sneakers.

Get, set – READY


What is your favorite denim item?

I hope you enjoyed this post!
A special thanks to all my cousins who participated and made it all the more interesting 🙂

Let me know, which of the above outfits is your favorite, please comment in the comment-box below.

Don’t forget to follow Instagram & Facebook!!

Have a great weekend and be ready for more Singapore (Asia) fun.


Ankita 🙂


*Each individual in this post has approved to the writer of Beautistaa, Ankita Anand, their pictures and commentary, before this post went online.*


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