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My 10 December Favorites

2016 has been a rollercoaster ride for me, and I loooooooved each and every moment of it! It was an exciting year due to our marriage, moving to the States (our first home together), traveling to various countries and cities… All in all, it was A M A Z I N G 🙂

And today, here we are… The last day of the year already! 365 blank pages, which are waiting to be filled with many more memories full of beautiful colors! I am sooooo looking forward to 2017, as there are so many things we want to do, see and experience 🙂

To celebrate 3.5 months of blogging and to give you the last post of the year 2016, I thought of doing a ‘favorites’! Let’s get straight into it…

For the month December I have put together ten beauty and fashion products, which have made my month more beautiful and fashionable. Do you want to know which products I am talking about? Then keep on reading!

1. Wooden Comb


The first product, which I have been using for many years now, is a wooden comb. This kind of comb has more space between each tooth and, since I have curly hair, is much more gentle and maintains my natural curls. While this is my personal reason, however, there are many more reasons to use a wooden comb. For example, when combing with a wooden comb, the natural oils produced by the scalp get distributed throughout the hair. Moreover, it adds body to your hair instead of making it flat and unattractive. A wooden comb is perfect for a short scalp massage every time you comb your hair – it promotes hair growth and keeps your scalp healthy.

Happy Hair = Happy Me! 🙂

2. Kérastase – Nutritive 


As I have started talking about my ‘hair care’, I will continue with another hair product which is a hair mask by Kérastase. After a regular hair wash, just apply this to the ends of your hair. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes and rinse it out with cold to lukewarm water. It will nurture the ends and leave them hydrated and healthy-looking! 🙂 Use it once a week and see the difference after every application.

Product detail: Hair Mask  you can also buy it at salons! 

3. Sparkly Hair-Bands

Starting November, Christmas Markets already take their spot and each stall has beautiful wares! I found some sparkly hair-bands, which I thought would be amazing for the festive season that was around the corner. I wore it for many of the December parties, using it to give a cute twist to my entire look. Check Christmas Sparkles for an example! I chose a silver color and a nude/peachy one as those will match with various outfits 🙂

4. Urban Decay – Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy


The month December can’t be celebrated without some glitter and glamor! There are so many reasons to celebrate, which made this UD Glitter Eyeliner my favorite to add that sparkle to my eyes. It instantly gives you a festive look and makes you ready to ROCK 🙂 There are various shades; however, this one is my personal favorite due to its golden tone.

Product detail: Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

5. Chanel – Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in 202 Tissé Camélia


These colors are AWESOME! The best part about this palette is that it can be applied to a day AND night look. Do you want to see a day and night look using this palette? Comment below! The shades are easy to blend and the shimmer is very light, which makes it easy to use and build into more heavy looking eye make-up.

Product detail: Multi-Effect Quadra

6. Flawless Lightning by KB – Flawless Light


Sometimes, it becomes quite a task to find good light for a selfie capture. Flawless Light is a round clip with three light levels that can be attached to your smart phone to give you great light for your photos! It’s super easy, super handy and makes for super nice selfies 🙂 The best part is that it comes with a cable – so is easy to charge – instead of requiring batteries.

Product detail: Flawless Lightning

7. Charlotte Tilbury – Beach Stick in Formentera


This stick is sooooo handy! It really does justice to its name – Beach Stick – as this stick can be used for both lips and cheeks. We all know that once those two parts of our faces get a nice color, we have already achieved a natural look! 🙂 There are many brands out there that have these two-in-one thing, such as Bobbi Brown and Mac. The best about CT is the scent and buttery texture. It is light-weighted on your skin and very hydrating. Apply a few strokes to your cheeks and blend it gently with your fingers: it’s beautiful! The Formentera shade is a brownish-orange color with a warm undertone, which adds warmth to your face and make it appear sun-kissed.

Product detail: Beach Stick

8. Sol de Janeiro – Brazilian Kiss


Looking for a hydrating lip balm, one like never before? It has to be the Brazilian Kiss by Sol de Janeiro! It not only hydrates your lips, it’s smooth application and scent are amazing, it nurtures the lips and, once you use it, you cannot live without it 🙂 No jokes! You have to try it – this lip balm is phenomenal! Same goes for the Bum Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro, which I spoke about in My 10 November Favorites.

Product detail: Brazilian Kiss

9. Smashbox – Photo Finish Foundation Primer


Do you want your make-up base to remain flawless and appear perfect in photos? Then the Photo Finish is the perfect product! I had read a lot of reviews and seen a lot of Youtubers use it, but I could never get my hands on it. Actually, I didn’t really think it would work… Then, I once got it as a sample from Sephora and tried it on – three days later I got it delivered to my place as I was in looooove with the magic it does 🙂 My foundation doesn’t look caky, there are no fine lines on my face and everything stays in place for a long time. The best part: you use the tiniest amount for your entire face (I focus on my T-zone) and it does its work perfectly!

Product detail: Smashbox

10. Louboutin – Follies Spikes Velvet (100mm)

The last, but definitely this month’s favorite, fashion item is my Louboutin footwear! I have an obsession over footwear – in 2016 I bought over 10 pairs – from high heels to boots to sneakers. Sometimes, I feel a little ashamed and very surprised how my husband copes with this madness of mine 🙂 LOL! As this shoe is my first by this designer, I chose to go with their signature spike heel – it fits perfectly in my collection (or actually, I just make it fit perfectly :P) Anyway, I chose for a 100mm heel, as I didn’t wanted to go over-board with the length of the heel. It is still comfortable to stand in and to walk a little.

Product detail: Louboutin 


What was your December favorite beauty and/or fashion product? Let me know by commenting below! 

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Wishing all my followers, readers and supporters a very happy new year.
Fill those 365 blank pages with happiness and love!

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See you all in 2017 with aaaaaaa lot of new posts, as Beautistaa Blog is going to ASIA (Singapore)

Love, Ankita!



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