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Cozy on the Road!

Hi Travelers!

Today, it’s all about R O A D  T R I P S. I enjoy road trips, especially when you have good company, good music and a cosy outfit.

What has been your most beautiful and adventurous road trip? For me it definitely was the one from Los Angeles to San Francisco!

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Most recently, I traveled with my cousins from Amsterdam to Brussels, which is a short drive of two hours; however, what I will be sharing today can be summed up by a single term: road trip 🙂

”Happiness is a road trip with your crazy cousins!”

As I am back for the holidays in my home town – Amsterdam – we (all cousins) planned to spend a weekend during Christmas in Brussels. It was a short get-away, but much needed as we are all so busy with whatever is going on in our daily lives.

Anyways, what do you need to think about when going on a road trip? Most important is, of course, a comfortable and cosy outfit. I didn’t want to go for sweatpants or jogging pants, but rather I chose for a more fashionable outfit.

15784805_1178882952160852_209300028_o 15725747_1178883328827481_239891033_o 15749762_1178883188827495_1224217215_n 15748136_1178883068827507_1619657445_o

The Zara pants have an elastic band instead of a button-fly closing, which makes these pants very comfortable! Moreover, they are loosely fitted, so you can easily sit in pretty much whichever way you want 🙂 The Ralph Lauren woollen top was perfect to keep me warm when I wanted to step out of the car for a little while, without having to wear my winter coat. To complete my outfit, I chose to wear ballerinas by D&G, as they are easy to put on and remove whenever you plan to take a break, and extremely comfortable to walk in! However, to take comfort a level higher, I wore Primark socks during the ride 🙂

Road trips get more enjoyable and pleasant when you take with you some of the important and handy things, such as a bottle of water. I just took a regular water bottle, as I had to rush in the morning. But what you could do is add fruits to the bottle. It tastes soooo good and it’s super good for your skin, too!

Water bottle with fruits:
1. Cut strawberries, lemon and cucumber in pieces
2. Add those to the bottle
3. Fill the bottle with water
4. Let it stay for a bit so the ingredients can do their work.

And just keep sipping on it the entire journey!
You can also choose to add just one ingredient – it’s all up to your preference.

Next, never ever forget to carry your favorite lip balm. Dry lips are the most irritating thing that can happen. My personal favorite is the Brazilian Kiss by Sol de Janeiro – I am in looooove with it! (I have been using their body cream, Bum Bum: full review and product info can be found in the following post: My 10 November Favorites!)


My bag by Kate Spade carried my wallet, comb, mirror, hair clutcher, shades and a pen!

Kate Spade – Bag, Ebelin – Comb, Etos – Hair Clutcher, Sol de Janeiro – Lip Balm, Tom Ford – Shades, Cartier – Pen, Morphe – Mirror, Michael Kors by Michael Kors – Wallet



Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has a pretty city centre with delicious Belgian waffles and, of course, not to be missed Belgian Chocolates! The city also has a good number of amazing landmarks for tourists to visit.

To start with the Grand Place, which is right in the heart of Brussels. It is a beautiful square surrounded by great architecture and some vibrant cafes to have a drink at. Moreover, throughout the year, Grand Place has many events and concerts going on. One of the most popular is the Tapis de Fleurs – Carpet of Flowers – which takes us to the next must-visit of Brussels. It’s my favorite 🙂

On the weekend of August 15th, every alternate summer, the Flower Carpet is spread across Grand Place! Moreover, every evening a concert is given with a magnificent sound-and-light show and, to complete the experience, there are fireworks too!

Next to the Grand Place there is a street – Karel Bulsstraat – which will take you straight to Manneken Pis. This little statue symbolizes Belgian humor! If you want to see Manneken Pis’ wardrobe, which comprises 760 outfits, you should visit the City of Brussels Museum. This Christmas, Manneken Pis was, of course, dressed in Santa’s outfit – lol!

Also, when walking toward this statue, you will cross many waffles and chocolate shops – all of which are must-visits! 🙂

As I was visiting Brussels during Christmas, I for the first time realized it has a very large and vibrant Christmas Market, with many small stalls selling all kinds of stuff, from hand-made Christmas decorations to Gluh Wein and family games!

The fifth attraction is the Royal Palace, the official home of the Belgian King. The palace can be visited during the summer months. A fun fact here is that the citizens know whether or not their king is home, as the Belgian flag will be on the top of the building when he is.

The last landmark, but definitely one that shouldn’t be missed, is the Atomium. This extraordinary structure was built in 1958 for the Universal Exposition. For a panoramic view of Brussels, the top sphere (out of the nine) is perfect!  Moreover, the other eight spheres showcase various exhibitions, which keep changing.












Thanks for visiting – I hope you enjoyed reading!

A special thanks to my cousins:
Anchel – for her photography skills, & Smiti – for gathering information

Coming up next: DECEMBER FAVORITES – Beauty & Fashion products 🙂

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Love, Ankita

Spread your wings and fly!



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