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Christmas in New York City!

Ten days from now we will be wishing one another Merry Christmas 🙂 Thousands of people travel to various cities to experience this festive season in a different way each year.

Most years, I spend the festive season back at home in Amsterdam with family and friends. The few times I went abroad I went to places such as New Delhi, London and, most recent, Bangkok. Each city has its own charm. Some celebrate festivities more elaborately than others, but it is always fun to experience it.

This year, I am in none other than the one and only New York 🙂 I have now seen all four seasons of this amazing city. Time really has flown by soooo fast! It’s hard to believe that I have already spent ten months here, even though it feels like I came only yesterday – haha!

Stay tuned: I will be posting a full four season experience in NEW YORK CITY soon 🙂 

For now, let’s get straight into Christmas in New York.

You know something is coming up as you start seeing more and more tourists in the city. The fun part is that it already becomes very crowded one month before Christmas, due to Thanksgiving and the Black Friday sale. During this period there are amazing discounts on everything you can think of. People line up in front of the stores, which are open until midnight or, in some cases, open from midnight onwards! It’s crazy, yet fun to see the madness.

Christmas crowd on Fifth Avenue!

After that, there are all kinds of activities going on in the city, such as ice skating, Christmas markets and much more. However, I feel that the best part of this season is that, because there is so much happening and lots to see, I totally forget the freezing cold, lol!

Let me show you photos and you will understand what I mean – it’s just soooo pretty!

Let’s start with Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This parade has been held almost every year since 1924 and people from all over the US and the world gather on the streets of New York to see giant balloons, clowns, musicians, cheerleaders and much more.

Giant Balloons

Following the parade, the city starts getting ready for the festive season!

I am always excited to see the store-front windows of the huge department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor and Macy’s. It’s fun to see how they all try to outdo one another!

Lord & Taylor
Saks Fifth Avenue
Lord & Taylor
Saks Fifth Avenue
Lord & Taylor

Apart from the window decorations, in some cases entire buildings on Fifth Avenue are beautifully lit up, each in its own style, which makes it diverse and attractive.

Saks Fifth Avenue – they do an entire light show on their structure!
More lights…

In addition to the efforts of the various luxury brand stores, New York is full of street decorations, such as entire rows of trees that are brightened with lights.

Christmas Market
Tree decoration done by corporations all over the city
Beautiful to see!
Tree lights
Huge X-mas balls!
Hotel decoration

And, of course, not to forget the huge Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza! I just can’t get over it 🙂

This was just a few weeks before the biggest Christmas Tree of NYC was set up. The tree was expected to be lit on November 30
November 30: Clouds hanging low, which gave this beautiful effect.
And there we have THE Tree, standing in all its glory!

I could stand here for hours and look at this beauty!

So here is a crazy story I want to tell you…

On the day – November 30 – when the tree was to be lit up for the first time, me and my husband went to Rockefeller Plaza. At least, we tried to reach a spot to get a glimpse of the tree. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see it due to sooooooooo many people – we could barely move. So we decided to skip it and come again another time.

Our next attempt was one day later. However, we didn’t check the weather and so didn’t realize we would get freezing cold weather and some rain. Again, we decided to go home – lol! And yes, to ‘forget’ the cold we first had to see some pretty lights, for which we had to walk further – haha!

The next and third attempt was two days later. We thought it would be less crowded and we checked the weather, which was comfortable that evening – so nothing to stop us. And so it was that we finally saw the Christmas Tree! It is really worth putting a lot of effort to see it – haha – and we got surprised by another stunning Christmas activity: the light show by Saks Fifth Avenue. Their entire building was lit up as a castle (see photo above), and with music, changing lights and colors it was an amazing show!

Even though it was super crowded that day, too, we just pushed ourselves through the crowd. It would be busy there every evening and we think it’s just worth it 🙂

It’s us, the Christmas Tree and New York!

My Beautiful Travel Fashionistas, I hope you enjoyed this Christmas post! Where are you celebrating Christmas? Share your Christmas spot below in the comment box 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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Love, xx – Ankita


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