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Blending it all in South Africa! (Part 1/2)

Don’t make me walk, when I want to fly – come and fly with me to and through South Africa! 

South Africa. How and where to start about this wonderful country? A trip that offers so much, from beautiful mountains to beaches, from luxury safaris to breathtaking skies filled with sparkling stars! South Africa has it ALL 🙂

I keep telling my husband, if you want to surprise me with the best, take me back to this dynamic country, its wildlife and its beauty. I have divided this trip to South Africa into two parts, the first will be Cape Town (which is this one) and the second is Kruger National Park. Do check out both to get the full exposure and experience.

Stunning from Sea to Sky! Cape Town

Our journey started in South Africa’s ‘Mother City’, namely Cape Town. It is the southwest point of the country, as shown on the map below:

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 15.44.16.png
Cape Town marked within South Africa.
Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 15.46.23.png
Zoomed in on Cape Town.

The location and surroundings are such that you can enjoy beautiful beaches together with breathtaking views of the mountains. Moreover, it’s all the more enjoyable when the weather fits the location. Here, sunshine is a must!

In South Africa broadly, the weather is very pleasant. When the temperature threatens to rise a little too high, some light rains come to pull it down again.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 09.44.00.png

Each season the experience in this country is different, and this can define what your purpose for visiting is. There are various activities, such as whale watching (June to October), diving and surfing (April to September), hiking (Spring and Autumn) and much more.

Returning to Cape Town, apart from the beautiful surroundings and lovely weather, I felt that this place is all about relaxation – besides the fact that it is soooo tourist friendly.

When we went for lunch to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, with great waterside restaurants offering sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, Table Bay Harbour, Table Mountain and, of course, the city itself:




However, the best part was this… It made my day – haha!

Cool, isn’t it? 🙂

Anyway, after pulling my husband’s leg, we finally sat down for lunch and enjoyed the lovely vibe around us.

Before and after, during our drive along the coastline, we got the chance to take in some mesmerizing views – and I just couldn’t stop trying to capture them! I wish my eyes could snap some, as my camera couldn’t do the views justice… But that’s of course all I have 🙂


Greenery everywhere.
Mountain tops touching the clouds.

The short drive from the Waterfront to our hotel was one I could do all day long, especially as the changing colors of the sky made it all the more attractive. Everywhere I looked, all I could say is ‘wow, look at that – it’s soooo pretty!’ For example, during the evening, while watching the sunset:

Views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head.
Nothing nicer while watching the sunset.

There are plenty of restaurants in Cape Town, especially very good seafood places. From the fusion Japanese, Nobu, to the street full of restaurants on Victoria Road, where you can find everything from ‘fine dining’ to ‘a quick bite’ type of restaurants.

We usually choose the non-regular type of tours, and this time we went for a helicopter ride to explore and get to know Cape Town better. There are plenty of companies offering these services so, depending on what your budget and wishes are, there is enough choice!

Heli touring!
View from above.
Beautiful Cape Town!
‘Cause I loooove heights!

This definitely is a must when visiting Cape Town – it gives you a very good sense of the place, it’s demographics, some fun facts and, most importantly, it’s just way more exciting to do it this way 🙂 We really enjoyed it.

Once back on the ground, we wanted to spend some more time at the Waterfront. Before we even started looking for a taxi, however, there was this guy racing in a – how do you call such a car? – it was like the carts used on golf courses, you know what I mean 🙂 So, he stopped by us and asked if he could drop us in his ‘Ferrari’ as he named it – haha!

Indeed, he drove that cart soooooo fast, it was actually scary as I was going from left to right on the back seat whenever he made a turn -lol! Eventually, safe and sound, we arrived at our location.

Haha, I dont know how many attempts I did to get a ‘normal’ picture on his ‘Ferrari’ – lol – loved the way my hair went wild!  

The best was yet to come…

Swimming with the sharks! Oh yeah 🙂 I had to convince my husband to do this with me, as he was not really happy with my idea at first. I was very nervous, too, but I just wanted to do it – it was on my bucket list – and this was my chance!

Of course, it is not guaranteed that you will see the sharks – after all, we are talking about wild sharks in the the deep sea. However, we got LUCKY 🙂 We saw at least four different sharks, and I was able to take some mind-blowing captures which you have to see!

When food for the sharks was thrown into the sea, the first visitors, of course, were birds.
All set to go down!
Waahhh, you see those fins!

Obviously, we did not literally swim with the sharks. Rather we went into a cage, which was attached to the boat, and we went underwater to spot and ‘swim’ with the sharks 🙂

I was scared like anything and then the sea was sooooo freezing cold. At that point, I thought what in the world made me choose to do this – haha! Without thinking too much, I just put on my diving goggles and jumped into the cage.

After a while you don’t feel the cold, it’s just you and the excitement to spot a shark!

We saw many swimming VERY close to the cage, it was great!

Shot from the boat!

Once we were back on the boat, we could capture some shots as the one above! AMAZING 🙂 The only downside for me was that I got sea-sick. So, after all the craziness, I lied down, closed my eyes, listened to the sound of the sea and just relaxed…

There we go, another item checked off my bucket list! 🙂 Proud ME.

The following day we took it easy, went to the beach, did some other touristy things and prepped ourselves for the NEXT destination: KRUGER NATIONAL PARK!

Beach Day!
Bye South Atlantic Ocean. Bye Cape Town – see you soon!


Want to know more and see more of South Africa?
Check out the second part of this post!

Blending it all in South Africa! Part2/2

Take a trip with me to one of the world’s largest game reserves and see the amazing wildlife 🙂

Moment of love! And the best part was that the sky was FULL of stars – it was beautiful – I haven’t ever seen sooooo many stars in the sky!

Don’t forget to share and like – really want to know what you guys think of this post so far 🙂

xx. Ankita


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