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My 10 November Favorites!

This week I though of giving you, my lovely reader, an extra post, as I wanted to share my November favorites! Moreover, I thought it was handy for the ones who are busy creating their wish list for Mr. Santa this Christmas 🙂

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Take a look at my favorite beauty and fashion products for the month of November! The products aren’t ranked in a certain order, they are all my favorites and so randomly numbered from one to ten.

Please know that I will be giving one link for the products below; of course, many will be available elsewhere – ask your dearest friend Google to help you out. 🙂 

1. Sol de Janeiro – Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

A friend of mine asked me to get this cream for her, and that’s how I got introduced to this magical scent! Yes, my friends, it’s a scent – even though it is a creme that is meant to tighten and smoothen the skin, I just love the fragrance of it.

I have been using it for just over one month, and to be honest I have not paid much attention to its purpose, as I will be using it anyways – lol! Moreover, it is sooo quickly absorbed by the skin and it leaves a light shimmer on the surface – A M A Z I N G!

The main ingredients are: Guaraná, Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí and Coconut Oil.

As soon as I open this pot, I can’t do anything but smile and enjoy it 🙂 If you are looking for a great fragrance and moisturizing cream, this is it!

Product detail: Bum Bum Cream


2. Tom Ford – Eye Color Quad (08 Sahara Haze) & Patent Finish Lip Color (03 Ravageur)

fordt tomf

If you have read the Bold ‘n Beautiful post, you might know that this winter I have chosen for bold lip shades. This Patent Finish Lip Color by Tom Ford is another favorite of mine. It has such a beautiful shine – absolutely perfect for Christmas and NYE parties! Also, it is very light on the lips and keeps them hydrated. Just remember, this particular color Ravageur 03 has to be carried with confidence, as your lips will really pop out!

Then, there are these easy-to-blend four eye shadow shades that add sparkles to your festive look! I personally love black smoked eyes with glitters and some cool tones. If you are more of the warmer shades, Tom Ford has plenty to offer – check the link below for more shades.

Product detail: Eye Color Quad & Patent Finish Lip Color


3. Kenzo x HM – Zebra Black ‘n Red Printed Scarf

Unfortunately, this scarf isn’t available anymore – it was a limited edition by Kenzo in collaboration with H&M. I was just walking in NYC and got attracted by people walking with Kenzo x HM shopping bags! Personally, I never go to H&M, as I can’t find anything for myself, and when I see people wearing something pretty and it’s from H&M I wonder how they search so well.

Anyway, back to the collaboration: I got interested and walked into the store. Just looked around a little, and my first thought was: “Wow!” This is way too jazzy for me, not my style, and I walked out. But then, I passed another H&M (bigger one) and again stood in front of the entrance (my husband looking at me, and thinking “hmmm, you just went inside the other one, why are you standing here again?”) lol – a woman’s mind, what can I say… I walked in (attempt numero dos 🙂 !) and started looking through the stuff. This time, more carefully. I found a black shirt with details on and around the collar and on the sleeves (posted on my instagram) and a red-black combination scarf (see pictures above).

After this craziness, I was happy that I went for my second attempt :). Even though this scarf isn’t available anymore, I love wearing it – I feel it gives a fashionable twist to the outfit and, more importantly, you can add (a) beautiful color(s) to the sober and boring winter blacks, greys, browns and other dark and sad colors – you know what I mean.


4. Morocco Method – Scalp Massager & Invigorator 

brush brushh

When I was doing my research for a natural shampoo, I got to know more about Morocco Method Shampoo, even though the shampoo itself was a fail for me. Their scalp massager soon enough became my life saver whenever I felt stressed, tensed and needed a moment for myself to get back to ‘normal’.

It is an easy and simple-to-use tool to give your scalp a nice and gentle massage. Moreover, it helps promote hair growth when you make circular motions on your scalp with the rubber bristles of this ‘brush’ (Guideline: how to use).

If you are looking for a stress-relieving and hair-growth stimulator, I think you just found your thing!

Product detail: Scalp Massager


5. Ciaté London – Mini Mani Month 2016 & Pretty, Fun and Fearless Chloe M. Palette

Colors from left to right (starting top left – in the palette) and on my skin from top to bottom:
1. skinny dip 2. unconditional 3. on fire 4. queen bee 5. shine bright 6. vaycay 7. my tribe 8. be sassy 9. jet setter 10. happy 11. dainty 12. fierce 13. flirt 14. day dream 15. own it 

Ciaté London is new to me as a brand. I had read reviews and got to know about their eye shadow palette, which I really wanted to try out myself. The palette has nice warm-tone shades – some shimmery, the others matte – which makes it more usable. I love the sleek packaging and, of course, a mirror is super handy! However, I feel that the shades are not very pigmented. Nevertheless, it enjoy it as I have chosen to keep my eye make up soft and subtle this season with bold lips (want to know more about bold lips this winter? Check out: Bold ‘n Beautiful). Moreover, you can see the swatches of the colors in the picture above.

I also ordered the Mini Mani nail polish set by Ciaté, which I am enjoying soooo much! You get amazing bright colors as well as shimmery, dark and natural tones! Moreover, it also includes some treatment pots, for example, nail hardner. I do feel that you have to use the base and top coat for the nail color to remain.

Product detail: Mini Mani & Eye Shadow Palette


6. River Island – Cream Faux Fur Gem Mule (Home slippers)


My feet are always, always and always freezing cold. I hate wearing socks when I am at home, I feel that I carry the dirt of the floor with me everywhere – on the couch, on the carpet in my room and so on. Every winter I go hunting for comfortable yet fashionable home slippers. Very often I experience that these slippers either aren’t warm enough or not at all comfortable (you can feel the hard floor and they are way to slippery). These slippers, on the other hand, are super comfortable, keep your feet warm and are cute too – don’t you think? 🙂

Product detail: Faux Fur Home Slippers


7. Tarte – Limited Edition Color Wheel Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

From top to bottom: 1. mod 2. deco 3. surreal 4. culture 5. idol 6. icon 7. montage 8. ironic 9. crafty 10 . concept

If there is one product (after my mascara) that is my fav, it has to be the blush! I don’t have a daily routine of applying foundation and concealer, rather I prefer my day cream, some mascara and, most importantly, my BLUSH.

I feel that a little color on my cheeks helps to make me look fresh. These ten colors in the Tarte Color Wheel are just outstanding! There are light tinted pinkish-peach colors for during the day, and then also some shimmer and matte shades in pinkish-brown for the evening look. The best part is that the 5th shade, namely idol, and 9th shade, crafty, can be used as highlighter on the tops of your cheeks!

Product detail: Amazonian Blush Palette


8. Stance – Knee High Socks

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 21.41.54.png

You might have seen some of it on Beautistaa’s Snapchat and Instagram already.

My all time, all time, all time favorites were, are and will also be the amazing, super sexy knee high socks! After a long break, I got them back in my wardrobe and I am lovin’it!

I feel that these socks give a fashionable and glam twist to your winter outfit. Your legs look longer AND slimmer ( I wear them for the slimmer looking part 😛 )! There will be a post soon on how to combine these socks with various outfits for a warmer yet sexier winter.

(Don’t forget to hit the “follow” button appearing now and then on the right corner of your screen and follow the steps – it just takes 2 minutes!) 🙂

Product detail: Socks


9. SHEIN – Three Smiles Sweater (Pastel Blue)

You know why I enjoy winters the most? It’s because of these cute and cosy sweaters! I luuuuuv sweaters with cute details and fun graphics on them. Recently, I found this pastel blue sweater by Shein. Of course, there are many shops selling similar fashion and, not to forget, super cute Christmas outfits – instant happiness! 🙂

Product detail: Sweaters


10. Morphe Brushes – Pressed Pigment


When I first saw a tutorial for these shades, I thought: “amazing!” But then when I got to the Morphe website, I didn’t believe that they were just $5.99 a piece. You all know the cost vs. quality tradeoff: we very often feel that something expensive is better quality vs. something inexpensive. I actually have the same thinking. Yet, with these shades, I felt that $5.99 a piece gives me an opportunity to try it out. If I don’t like it, no big deal. I haven’t spend a fortune on it anyway – lol!

Once I got the delivery, I thought: it’s AMAZING. They really are very pigmented and look surprisingly beautiful on the eye-lid 🙂

I personally liked the brown, golden and soft shimmers the most. They are a little hard to blend, but it’s doable. I feel they are better applied with my fingers, rather than using a make-up brush. Moreover, I find them suitable for adding some glitter and glam to the eye-lid, instead of applying it in the crease.

It’s worth trying out! They have a good variety of colors available 🙂

Product detail: Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow


Let me know what your fav products are this month!
Hope you enjoyed!

xx. Ankita!


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