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Bold ‘n Beautiful

Hi Beauties!

Shake off the sadness that Mr. Winter brings along, ’cause you will be killing it this season!

I often feel that during winter days, everyone is frowning and looking down. It’s cold, maybe rainy too, and you just want to get inside as soon as possible.

Thinking of a solution to change this feeling into something positive and better?

Here you have it: Bold ‘n Beautiful LIPS. An instead upbeat feeling will arise within you, you won’t be worrying about the weather, rather you will enjoy your bold look the entire day 🙂


I have been looking for these bold shades for a while and, luckily enough, I have found some great ones. Let’s not waste time and start with what we are here for today.

The start
Before applying a bold shade it is very important that your lips are exfoliated, moisturized and healthy looking. To achieve this, there is a short routine you have to go through:

  1. Put a teaspoon of cinnamon (or brown sugar) and honey in a small container;
  2. Mix the two ingredients well;
  3. Use this as an exfoliator for your lips – remember: work in circular motions and be very gentle;

|| Instead of this mix you can also use any of your gentle face scrubs or lip exfoliators ||

  1. Wash your lips with tepid or cold water and pat it dry with a face towel;
  2. Put a relatively thick layer of your favorite lip balm and let it sit for a few minutes;
  3. Pat the excess lip balm off with a clean tissue.

Once the lips are prepped, it’s time to get going with your bold shade!

I have picked five shades, of which one is by Tom Ford, one by Marc Jacobs and three are Huda Beauty Lip Contour pencils. All of these shades are running hot this winter. Moveover, it will give your entire look that sexy twist and add a beautiful color to the cold days.

Tom Ford


Shade: Lip Color Matte in 16 Velvet Violet

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This Tom Ford lipstick is a purple shade with a pink base. Tom Ford shades are great, as their application is sooooo smooth and the color doesn’t move!

Complete your look with a light smokey eye and a nice highlighter on the upper parts of your cheeks to keep the emphasis on your lips.


Marc Jacobs


Shade: Lip Crème in 206 Dashing

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Marc Jacobs is my personal favorite when it comes to lip shades! This shade of red is very fresh, without any dullness. It adds brightness to your face.

Huda Beauty


Shades: (Top to Bottom) (1) Icon, (2) Vixen & (3) Famous

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Icon is not bright; rather, it adds that perfect matte pink to your lips.
This shade is the most ‘light’ bold color as it adds a touch of matte pink  – it makes them pop out and look more beautiful and healthy!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A dark brown with a cool tone to it. Moreover, this shade of brown isn’t dull at all. It’s dark, yet still maintains that brown color. I am not a very huge fan of dark browns but, together with the soft make-up look, this looks stunning!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A purply-burgundy color. Definitely a bold color to the lips that gets the emphasis right.
This shade on your lips is a killer! I did a light smokey eye with it so the emphasis would stay on the lips only.

As you have might noticed, I have been suggesting soft and light (smokey) eye make-up with these bold lips shades. I feel that it’s very important to emphasize one part of your face rather than going haywire. Keeping the focus on your lips and leaving everything else natural and soft, will help you to bring out the boldness of the shades and still act subtly on your entire look.


Sooo, my beautiful Beautistaas, what do you think? Will you be going for these bold shades soon? Let me know by commenting below. If you have any questions or if you want to share something, you can always e-mail me at

Moreover, I want to mention that I have been getting so much love from super sweet beauties who are always excited to read the next post here and are actively following the Beautistaa Instagram page – I would like to thank you for the love, you guys are my real motivation 🙂 xx hugs coming your way!

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xx. Ankita! 🙂






5 thoughts on “Bold ‘n Beautiful Leave a comment

  1. Loving these shades! I’m a red addict hehe. And also thanks for the advice of the routine before applying the lipstick, I have very dry lips myself.



  2. You are welcome dear! Yes exfoliating and applying a thick layer of a good lip balm really works wonders! Try the Bobbi Brown lip balm for your dry lips, I have been using that for a while n its super hydrating 🙂 good luck n kill the bold lips- looking forward to see beautiful pics xx


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